Toyota sea lion commercial car 9 how much money import sea lion 13

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The robust and wider body of the Toyota Hiase commercial vehicle provides a more comfortable and safe business travel experience.Toyota Hiace central control layout and the common version of the model to keep the same.In terms of interior color, the car uses blue and beige colors to match, and the case has white wooden floor or ordinary cloth materials to choose from.There are also optional foldable * berth kits and plug-in batteries.2022 imported as Toyota HIACE – HIACE brand owned by a classic MPV products, because of its more space, and the true level will not be lost to el localization, makes the sea lions, well known in the domestic market indeed than Toyota’s method, to share 21 years (import) sea lions – Toyota HIACE nine commercial vehicles!Toyota (imported) Sea lion -HIACE overall modeling is full of wild temperament, while integrating the aesthetic orientation of consumers in the domestic market.The most obvious appearance design lies in the very three-dimensional front air intake grille, not only foil a very good commercial bread models should be wild, and let the whole face more three-dimensional visual effect more wide.There are similar to Toyota overbearing lamp group, all give a person to create a high-end atmosphere style.