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Today (February 4) at 4:51, we ushered in the first solar term of the 24 beginning of spring, winter after spring, Yang and Awakening of Insects is the beginning of all things, all the meaning of the new cycle of rebirth, has quietly opened the folk saying,Spring begins three wait a wait of dongfeng two hou zhi starting vibration three hou fish insect negative accompanied ice thawing dongfeng touch over mountains and rivers gradually after a long cold winter dormant insect feel the warmth of spring dusty can fish under the ice will emerge, inhale the scent of spring a time the colors of the earth also gradually up snow and ice melt, vegetation incipience, cuttlefish pregnant bud from bank yellow gold LiuRui,At the beginning of Spring, there is a folk custom of “biting spring” to eat spring cake at the beginning of spring, which is people’s good wishes for “a year’s plan depends on spring”. While “biting spring” to chew radish, it takes the ancient people “biting the roots off,Is Pepsi can do “meaning at the beginning of the spring vegetation of people working in the field to sow seeds and looking forward to the future harvest today spring coincides with the Beijing Olympics Olympic athletes’ success on the field may we not spring, not their information sources: melting news media center, shenzhen luohu district Qiu Jie, People’s Daily, China news network as a whole the integration:New Era Xinluo Lake if need to be reproduced, please specify the above content