The new house hand ready to decorate, developers to send those basic decoration which need to change, which need not

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A twinkling of an eye is over, there are a lot of friends are ready to start their own new house decoration, today we will look at the developers handed over to our hands of the house, which need to be re-done, which do not need.Fine decoration in the last, we patience to see, like the point like collection.The whole house is bored with the new house now, even if it is the so-called rough room, also basically blew good be bored with child, have a lot of network blogger to say “send be bored with child is to hide ugliness, the wall body below is not deviation big.It’s just cracked.”I think this statement is not accurate, if the wall is uneven, or there are cracks, then it can be handled by local plastering, there is no need to waste a lot of financial resources, manpower to scrape putty, although the idea of developers are different, but this putty can be used in the end, we will talk about it today.First of all, if it’s ready for rent, then I think it can be used.There is no need to make extra investment.If it is for personal use, then I suggest to shovel off and scrape again, first, the quality of putty is probably not too good, can only achieve the use of qualified standards.Second, developers can not be in some need to hang the net processing place to help you hang the net, all hardcover houses will basically crack phenomenon.Third, flatness is probably not too good, generally smooth, there will be no straight, find the process of wasting manpower.Be putty in the flatness of child, firm degree and the stand or fall of construction craft, affect our view not only, also the cycle that decorates with us next time is linked up directly, it is 3, 5 years, still need to decorate again 10 20 years, depend on your wall skin to a large extent to drop not drop, crack much not much.So xiaobian advice to live, do not hesitate to shovel or do again.Anti-theft door wants the grade of anti-theft door to achieve grade A only, the opening direction of the door lets a person be satisfied, do not need to change anti-theft door completely, need to do protection well in decorating stage only, with worker master told good, construction stage pays more attention to, can be at ease to use.If you are a full sun house, the room is not well ventilated, you can choose to replace the security door with ventilation Windows, some security doors are opened inside, very affect the living experience, you can also choose to replace the security door in the decoration stage, but to communicate with neighbors, do not affect others in and out.Waterproof although a lot of toilet is rough room, but most of them have done waterproof, does this waterproof need to be replaced?Do it directly without hesitation, this is not a small thing, once the leak, it is not so simple, but to real gold and silver to the family repair, this if meet a cultural relic collector, water leakage to the family bubble bad, you this house to the family are not enough.Floor heating is the most controversial issue among many netizens, and also the most concerned issue among northern netizens. After all, the most difficult time in a year is winter, and the most direct impact on our life experience is whether floor heating is hot or not.First of all, 90% of the floor heating is fine.As we worry about the pipeline is not close enough ah, the quality is not good enough ah, will there be some places for me to shop ah, this series of problems basically do not need to worry.All the construction technology is national standards, all the hidden acceptance is also supervised by special people, you dismantle and re-shop, with good pipe, shop again close, can play a role may not be big, after all, the flow rate, pressure are designed in advance, so in addition to the small probability of damage, there are problems.It is not recommended to waste financial resources and manpower to replace.Whether Windows need to be replaced depends on the quality of the window. Generally, if it is a broken bridge aluminum window, there is no water leakage and seepage in rainy days, no problem in opening and closing, and good sealing, there is no need to replace it.If it is some street, there are old people and children in the home, and they are sensitive to noise, they can choose to replace the broken bridge aluminum window with three layers of laminated glass.Water, electricity pipeline can be changed on the original basis, the new house on the basic market does not have a problem, can be at ease to use, but the switch that should pay attention to business development to send, panel, general quality is compared.It’s the key to a fire. I suggest they all be replaced.Speaking of the hardcover room now, it is hardcover and our normal home decoration is about the same, generally on modelling, environmental protection, pattern has requirements or suggest reinstallation.For the majority of groups with low requirements, I also have the following suggestions for those who want to pursue a certain quality of life by spending small money to achieve great things.1, a lot of hardcover room to send wood flooring, I suggest that it should be replaced, into a big brand, environmental protection, quality assurance products, later damaged and then want to change.There are too many things in the home, too troublesome, and environmental protection is the key to our home decoration.2, if you are not satisfied with the color and quality of the wall, you can choose to stick the wall cloth directly, that is, you can avoid the wall cracking later, and you can re-match the overall effect of the home, or kill two birds with one stone.3. The lamps and lanterns sent by the developer are recommended to be replaced, not only because the style and brightness can not meet the needs of our family, but also because every family is the same, which is too easy to aesthetic fatigue.4, all the faucets, Angle valves, sockets, panels have security risks need to check, replace, first see how the quality, quality is too poor must be moved in before it is replaced.5, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, as long as there are no too big defects, you can use them first. After all, the developer has installed them for a long time, and environmental protection problems do not need to worry about anymore.6, now many hardcover rooms in the residential area, in the housing stage can choose whether to need hardcover, if the quality of life requirements are higher, it is suggested not to hesitate, directly let him deliver rough room.Whether your home begins to decorate, what uncertain can comment area message, we all help you advise staff.