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In order to carry out the practical activities of “I do practical things for the people”, promote the implementation of the achievements of party history study and education, and promote the realization of high-quality employment and entrepreneurship of the city’s ex-servicemen, the Employment and Entrepreneurship Office of the Municipal Bureau of Employment and Entrepreneurship together with the provincial department conducted a special research on the entrepreneurship of the city’s ex-servicemen.We visited the veterans Affairs Bureau of each district and some veterans’ education and training institutions to fully understand the progress of the work.In the process of investigation, detailed understanding of the districts in veterans employment entrepreneurship and the problems and difficulties faced in the education training work, listen to some of the veterans ChengXun education training institutions and part of the service object the opinions of the suggestion, in order to promote the city’s veterans employment entrepreneurship education and training work to a new level.Ex-servicemen are important human resources. Promoting their employment and entrepreneurship and guiding them to actively participate in the practice of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” is of great significance to better realize their own value, boost economic and social development, and serve the modernization of national defense and the army.Nanjing is a “military city” with a strong working atmosphere of mutual support. We should strengthen the construction of service system, strengthen employment and entrepreneurship support, highlight the brand characteristics of military innovation, provide comprehensive employment and entrepreneurship services for ex-servicemen, and build a unique employment and entrepreneurship service system for ex-servicemen with Nanjing characteristics.In 2022, the bureau will take “education and training first, post follow-up, and help the ex-servicemen get more full and higher quality employment” as the overall goal, closely follow the work requirements of “Doing practical things for the private”, and take multiple measures to promote the employment quality and entrepreneurship quality of ex-servicemen.(Employment and Entrepreneurship Bureau)