New hire!In 2022, hubei Province examination, Xuan ‘en court plans to recruit 4 people

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The announcement of the recruitment of civil servants for the 2022 provincial and municipal examinations of Hubei Province has been released. Xuan ‘en Court plans to recruit 4 new civil servants for 2 positions. Welcome to register for the examination!1. Graduates of law major who have obtained bachelor’s degree or above, bachelor’s degree or above.2. Passed the national Unified legal professional qualification examination and obtained the legal professional qualification certificate A or C certificate.3. Minimum 5 years of service in this organization (unit).▶ Job content: Assist judges in performing trial duties, review litigation materials, organize pre-court evidence exchange, receive participants in cases, prepare reference materials related to case trial, assist judges in mediation, draft trial reports and legal documents, etc.Judges can be transferred to the bench by prescribed procedures, and judges are mainly from judicial assistants.▶ Number of applicants: 3 Positions: General office position ▶ Job requirements: 1. Graduates of Chinese Language and literature, law, and management from regular institutions of higher learning who have obtained bachelor’s degree or above.2. Graduates of regular universities in 2022.3. Minimum 5 years of service in this organization (unit).▶ Job content: Engaged in the drafting and control of comprehensive written materials, as well as the research of Party construction and policy theory.▶ Number of applicants: 1 Candidate Registration time 9:00pm, February 19th — 17:00, February 25th Online payment time 9:00pm, February 27th — 17:00, March 3rd Written test time March 26th Contribution | Editor of the Political Department | Peng Yuan review | Wang Yi