“My 2021” Sunshine: Take vision to taste

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Sun Hunan Photographers Association 2022-02-17 16:04HPA/ Time flies, time flies.The year 2021 has passed and I miss it.Time flies, time flies.We walk in cities and villages, chasing the morning sun and the bright moon;We regardless of wind and rain day and night, boarded a mountain, list of small mountains;We are not afraid of the heat and snow waiting for the record of daily love touched, delivered to the warmth of the world;We witness this beautiful era, the camera is never absent.Today let’s experience his 2021.YANG GUANG, member of China Photographers Association, Director of Hunan Photographers AssociationShape, color, light, shadow and motion in the image are all visual. If readers can smell and taste the “three tastes” : the meaning of social life, the interest of characters’ mood and the lasting appeal of composition form, the value of pictures can be enhanced and the taste of reading enhanced.Although we amateur photographers are at the bottom of the ordinary from the perspective of the steps and influence of image production, but the bottom also has the advantage of the bottom, that is to shoot well will be more down-to-earth.In 2021, I will integrate knowledge into practice, seize the chance to meet with fate around me in daily life, combine observation and feeling, and strive to cook ordinary “home dishes” with unique taste.Photography should pay attention to light and shadow, but after all, light and shadow moving is more focused on the form of moving, I want to retain the image of the moment to the heart.Therefore, I will not deliberately pursue light and shadow, because life will not hesitate because of the beauty of light and shadow.My photography concept is to let nature take its course (including meteorological conditions) to show the details of life and describe the feelings in my heart, so as to gather more wonderful, guide and watch, and vivid theme.If too much pursuit of light and shadow, then in many occasions I will be difficult to press the shutter, will lose some wonderful records.Ordinary is not equal to insipid, with ordinary heart to observe, taste life, the visual taste is my pursuit.I explore the “three tastes” of my writing through details, moments and associations, and I look forward to getting helpful advice from my friends in sharing.Work | | guan yu is a hero time on January 2, 2021 locations | | of hunan spirit drawings a father told his son the story in the five fuwa.Work | | encountered choice time on January 10, 2021 locations in changsha vault Tian Xinqiao village fair tew | | fair girl are faced with the choice.| | to learn the way time works on January 24, 2021 places in changsha he long stadium tew | | a mother with her son, to send her daughter to participate in the dance training.Work | | the waves of life time on February 2, 2021 locations in changsha labor in middle DongTang tew | | a girl from the steps of labeled s pass.Work | | see arrival time on February 6, 2021 locations | | old arch of changsha city west temple ping xiang drawings, a dog to newcomers.Work | | year end “migratory birds” time on February 6, 2021 locations | | family of changsha city west temple ping xiang drawings with luggage villages.| | works through old time on February 6, 2021, location in changsha city of San Francisco | | room of dike lane drawings riders move back and forth constantly.Work | | see time on February 17, 2021 locations | | of renmin road in changsha city drawings bought balloons little elder brother waiting to capture the business.Work | | with growth time on July 11, 2021 locations | | of yuhua district province Yang district in changsha city drawings of father and son to play ball.Work | | bounce the ball ball time on July 18, 2021 locations | yuhua district of changsha province Yang village tew | a pair of mother and child was playing with the ball.Work start time | | youth on July 25, 2021, location in changsha he long stadium tew | | a school students in physical training project training.Work long time | | vaccination on July 30, 2021 locations | | the citizens of changsha city Huang Tuling drawings row up vaccination.Work | | memories of old time on September 23, 2021 locations | yuhua district in changsha city jin hui garden district tew | two old man in the chat, seem to remember the past.Work time | | to meet National Day holiday season on September 26, 2021 places in changsha huijin road tew | | lining flag is particularly bright in the blue sky.Work | | wish take time on September 30, 2021 locations in changsha than | | mother for her daughter take photos of the blue mountains kindergarten drawings.Work time | | look back on December 6, 2021 locations in changsha yuhua district Tian Xinqiao village fair tew | | leave markets before looking back at a glance.Work | | something you talk time on December 11, 2021 locations | ancient camphor tree in changsha city ka wah tew | community founded “I hear you say” studio.Work | | two generations businessmen time on December 18, 2021 locations in changsha by tianxin | | phase of high clouds market drawings in the stalls of two generations.Work time | | vaccination on December 22, 2021, location in changsha by tianxin pioneer street community health service center | drawings | children fear to go but must go to the place again.Work | | novel snow time on December 26, 2021 places in changsha jin hui garden district tew | | a lady at the snow.Work | | snowflakes dancing with time on December 26, 2021 places in changsha jin hui garden district tew | | a snow let bodybuilders particularly excited.Work | | children wu empty time on December 30, 2021 locations | | of yuhua district in changsha city huijin road drawings a child in kindergarten favorite clothing.