Lonely to die with me

2022-05-08 0 By

Lonely accompany me to die, if death can change everything, I think I will not hesitate, if time can prove everything, but those lost days will not come back, the days are so dull and dull, boring and confusing, the school life is like a cup of water,Time is like a fine yarn between your fingers. The tighter you hold it, the faster it disappears. You will not feel sad if you are happy and alive.But is it really easier to think that way?Sometimes I really do not understand why I can feel sad sometimes I really want to cry but why can’t find the reason to shed tears sometimes I can say you are not sad to the mirror but tears do not contend with me I do not know how to freeLonely and lonely, always accompanies me time and reality church we grow slowly and become cold and numb is not back to the happy innocence and joy I have I like of the person Only silently like if love is a kind of illusion I will repeat one’s mistakes can only cherish I’m afraid I have no the chance how like ethos of wind rush over the timeSuddenly see proves that promise how pale I like quiet I don’t like lonely Although I already used only after a long time Still can let a person feel very sad every day is to sleep quietly quietly wake up without noise There is no quarrel A person quietly I think one day I will quietly disappear lonely and lonely with me I will always be sad because I willWill be sad will shed tears will despair I do not expect what will happen in the future I only know that now I am very sad very lonely and lonely want to cry very want to just there will be someone worth my tears?I don’t know don’t want to know also don’t dare to know cry laugh just time to my charity love hate but fate to my tease I dare to have any luxury just want to and I like the person quietly together until she doesn’t love me that day did not loseI don’t care how god plays tricks on me. I don’t care how much I lose. I don’t care about anythingIs the tolerance of me someone said that don’t care about everlasting only care about once have I don’t know who is the first person said just listen to this sentence to understand that I have nothing I can lose what?There’s a line in a poem that says:Sentient beings will briefly to eternal love love love is the only thing I don’t know how far is forever also don’t know how many stars in the sky there is only an ordinary heart an ordinary can no longer ordinary heart maybe one day I will suddenly found I’m wrong I may cry may laugh, I don’t know what the future holds I don’t know too much stuff so until lostI just found that I was really wrong I know regret useless but dare not face I am very incompetent maybe I stupid but it doesn’t matter really doesn’t matter if time can never if I think I will still smile as nowTears quietly waiting for what may be my angel may one day you will find that I am how reluctant to perhaps waiting for a miracle may be waiting for the miracle in the waiting sink in loneliness in death