In 2002, a well-known editor was murdered in a Beijing hotel because of an unwritten rule

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Materialistic era, some people for money, some people for color, these people to the end but let themselves become nothing, even take their own life.Xu Xiaomei and Zhou Jianxin are such a pair of “beautiful woman”, but the final result lets a person sigh however.On the morning of January 10, 2002, a cry of panic shattered the calm.In a hotel on Yuquan Road in Beijing, the cleaning lady is cleaning every room as usual.At about ten o ‘clock, after cleaning the empty room, the cleaning lady began to clean the occupied room.In room 314, the cleaning lady knocked and got no answer, so she opened the room with the spare key as required.But the sight in the room was unforgettable: a bloodied corpse lying lifeless on the ground.Shortly after, police were on the scene, where the victim, a male, had suffered multiple stab wounds.According to sources, there was a noise in room 314 that night, a man screaming and the sound of throwing things, but everyone knew there was a man and a woman in the room and thought it was a couple arguing, so they didn’t pay much attention.But there was no identification of the man at the scene.On inquiry it was revealed that the room had been opened the night before by a woman.But when police checked, they found that the woman’s identity information was false.Through investigation, the police learned that the victim’s name was Zhou Jianxin.The whole case looks like that woman is the probable murderer.After much knowledge, the police caught the woman, she confessed that she was the murderer, and the whole thing was caused by unspoken rules in the workplace.The woman was originally named Xu Mei, but later changed her name to Xu Xiaomei.She lived with her father because of a family dispute.Although her family of origin is not perfect, her father is a cadre of a railway group, so Xu xiaomei’s life is good.To curry favor with the father of son preference, Xu Xiaomei will talk very much as a child, and aspire to come out ahead.Xu Xiaomei joined the work after graduation, working in a kindergarten, because she looks good and very capable, so many young men pursue.1994, 21 years old Xu Xiaomei married, and gave birth to a daughter, if the day goes on like this, can not say rich flow oil, but also booming.But Xu Is not satisfied with her current life.She often wrote articles for local newspapers and secretly took the entrance exam for the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. Although she was not accepted, Xu believed she would make a good journalist or presenter.Such idea is intense with each passing day, Xu Xiaomei feels she cannot stay in such a small place all the time, think is marriage restricted her development, then she divorces with her husband, settle the daughter to go to Beijing alone.However, Xu Xiaomei, who arrived in Beijing, did not get the life she wanted.In Beijing, where she attended university, she could not get the job she wanted just by speaking well.But she was good at selling clothes, but she still wanted to be a journalist, so she gave up her good clothing business.Finally, she applied for a job at a big newspaper. During the interview, she disguised herself as an experienced woman and a strong independent woman.Her well-intentioned disguise gave her an opportunity.As the zhou Jianxin of big chief editor sees Xu Xiaomei is just in painlessly build an image, but he did not expose Xu Xiaomei, because he also has an attempt to xu Xiaomei of young and beautiful appearance.Xu Xiaomei will package himself into the appearance of strong ability, but it is very easy to show in the work.Once, Zhou Jianxin arranged an interview for Xu Xiaomei, but Xu Xiaomei was late to hand in the manuscript.Zhou Jianxin will Xu Xiaomei alone called to the office, Zhou Xinjian said Xu Xiaomei a few words, Xu Xiaomei finally cannot stand the blow since all the time, put forward resignation.But Zhou kept her and asked her to be his assistant.Xu Xiaomei surprised unceasingly, be grateful to zhou xinjian very much.But everybody is adult, in getting along slowly, xu Xiaomei discovers zhou Jixin sees his look is full of ambiguous, still often say with Xu Xiaomei oneself wife child is absent beside, very lonely similar word.And When Xu Xiaomei faces these hint, in the heart is secretly secretly happy, she thinks this is the good opportunity of a development career.Even if Xu Xiaomei has boyfriend, but she is still by interest fume dizzy head.They eventually have sex at a party under the pretext of being drunk.Since then, Xu Xiaomei is more and more unbridled in the newspaper office.The picture and text have nothing to do however let 2 people do not think of is, this of fish and water joy drew the human tragedy behind however.Concern is broken, Xu Xiaomei walks on the road of no return After Xu Xiaomei and Zhou Jianxin produce relation, mix in newspaper office wind unborn water rises.And after the 2 elder sister of her old home hears her life, entrust Xu Xiaomei to also look for a job to him.Xu Xiaomei wants face, gave oneself 2 elder sister to arrange directly “chief reporter” position.However, this also directly led to the breakup of her relationship with Zhou Jianxin.2 elder sister xu Xiaomei does not have such ability at all, Zhou Jianxin dismissed her elder sister directly, the heart after Xu Xiaomei knows is very resentments, but dare not fight with Zhou Jianxin again.But right now Xu Xiaomei had hated Zhou Jianxin, zhou Jianxin lets Xu Xiaomei eat contraceptive face to face after producing a relation every time, to prevent accident, still ask Xu Xiaomei to report its menstrual situation, in such bright and bright mutual use below, Xu Xiaomei heart is not taste.Slowly Xu Xiaomei ambition is bigger, she wants a higher position, still want to be editor with Zhou Jianxin competition.Finally, their conflict affected the newspaper, Zhou Jianxin is an old man, so the dismissal is Xu Xiaomei, so she also hated Zhou Jianxin.So a plan of revenge began.Xu Xiaomei cheats Zhou Jianxin to say he is pregnant, zhou Jianxin does not want to produce dispute with Xu Xiaomei again originally, but for his reputation and keep the job, he needs to confirm Xu Xiaomei is really pregnant.In guesthouse, Xu Xiaomei begs Zhou Jianxin to stay with her again one night, after two people produce relation, Xu Xiaomei Chen its unprepared to kill it.Zhou jianxin reportedly suffered more than 60 stab wounds on his body.Finally, Xu Xiaomei was sentenced to death.Zhou jianxin’s behavior is immoral, but Xu Xiaomei’s practice has broken the law.Both men eventually bought into this unspoken rule and paid the price with their lives.The reason is because the inner desire blinded themselves, forget their heart also forget the laws and regulations.