Fight to the end?Jiao Jiao again send video, said already see through Zhao Benshan this so-called artist

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Benshan Media’s female artist Jiaojiao has not been quiet since the Spring Festival in 2022.On February 6, Jiao Jiao launched a live broadcast, naming zhao Benshan and claiming that he cheated her ex-husband while running changchun Liu Laogen Grand Stage.On February 7, Jiao Jiao released a video announcing her withdrawal from Benshan Media. She would no longer be silent and start to fight back, saying that “evil begets evil, and god will arrange all the causality”.February 8, Jiao Jiao again released a video, in front of the camera announced that the specific details of this matter in the future to open live chat with everyone, and said that he from unknown to a little famous, and then today’s feud, in the middle of what is because, this is not the script.Jiao jiao also said that everything is her own experience, if there is no real experience, I will not name the matter on the public platform.Small video text part, Jiao Jiao also exposed part of her heart, said that she had already seen through the so-called artist behind how to operate the fate of others, and the determination to leave the mountain media has been 3 years ago.After three consecutive days of exposure, netizens have different opinions, including two very representative opinions.One opinion is to blame Jiao Jiao, that if there is no Zhao Benshan, no one knows who she is, now hard wings, do not know how to be grateful, but bite the hand that feeds one, and she did not come up with real evidence, there is speculation suspicion.Another opinion is that Zhao Benshan is really not authentic, before Fan Wei, Gao Xiumin, Zhai Bo, Zhao Gang and others just because they can not cooperate with him to fly alone, Jiao Jiao said certainly is not based on evidence, old zhao should pay the price.In addition, there are people advised Jiaojiao, to jiaojiao strength must not deal with the Deep rooted Zhao Benshan, she is now this practice is doomed to disgrace.Jiao Jiao also gives her own opinion in the video.She did not think that the arm could twist the leg, but that justice prevailed in the heart, and that she did not care at all about betrayal or fame, for such things were worthless before dignity and character.Jiao Jiao also very domineering declared that he would not accept fate, will not let people step on step on!It seems that Jiao Jiao this time is iron heart and Zhao Benshan to fight to the end.So, jiao Jiao in the end who also, what matter let her so determined and this mountain media turn against?Originally, Jiao Jiao, originally named Zhang Yujiao, was born in 1986 in Yushu, Jilin province. She joined Benshan Media in 2009 and began to perform in the “Liu Laogen Grand Stage”.The unknown duo, jiao Jiao and Benshan Media actor Zhang Yao, won the runner-up spot in the CCTV 2011 Avenue of Stars final, with Zhao benshan sitting on the judging panel that year.In 2013, Jiao Jiao was honored to appear on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage and co-starred in the skit “I Want to appear in the Spring Festival Gala” with crosstalk master Zhou Wei and others.In addition, she also participated in dragon TV’s variety show Happy Comedians and Hunan TV’s 2021 Yuanxiao Joy Party, making her a minor celebrity in the duet stage and the entertainment industry.Jiao Jiao is not outstanding in appearance, but she is very good at singing errenzhuan. Together with Sun Lirong, she is praised as the two best female ugly actresses in the mountain media errenzhuan. Zhao Benshan also praised her as “female ugly is a national treasure”.It is known that her teacher was Liu Xiaoguang, a disciple of Zhao Benshan, so she called Zhao Benshan “Master” and Ma Lijuan, Zhao benshan’s wife, “grandma”.In theory, she should be benshan media’s outstanding disciple, but I do not know why, the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, that is, February 6, Jiao Jiao live broadcast suddenly to Zhao Benshan shot.She claimed that her ex-husband had invested tens of millions of yuan in liu Laogen stage in Changchun earlier, but zhao benshan ended up losing all his money, even the furniture and drinks he bought.According to Jiao Jiao, it seems that because of this, her ex-husband divorced her and made her a single mother, so Zhao Benshan is responsible for all this.In the face of all this, Jiao Jiao said she chose to be patient at first, originally thought that she could have more opportunities to stay in Benshan Media, but later found that it was not the case at all, and even benshan media’s own programs did not let her on, under the chill, it decided to stand up and disclose the matter.However, up to now, although Jiao Jiao has spoken for three days in a row, but there is no substantive evidence, everything is still said from their own words.Benshan Media has not responded to requests for comment.