Experience tiguan L PHEV, large space, low fuel consumption, starting price of 257,800 yuan, home worth buying?

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By the public view of way L, as domestic intermediate SUV market sell like hot cakes in the model, a model of choice for many consumers, and in order to enhance competitiveness, to meet the needs of different consumers, in addition to the fuel version, also launched a new energy car late lower version, will come today and you talk about the public way L PHEV, as the title says,Is a home worth buying?The 2022 Volkswagen tiguan L PHEV is divided into two versions, and the official guide price is maintained between 2578-268,800 yuan. Because the price difference between the top version and the low version of Volkswagen tiguan L PHEV is not big, the 2022 430PHEV plug-in hybrid flagship version, as the top version,As a result, it has become the model with the highest attention and also happens to be the protagonist of this experience (hereinafter referred to as the flagship version).On the front, the 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan L PHEV, as a new model, adopts the latest design language of the Volkswagen family. Compared with the old model, the most intuitive difference is that it has a better sense of class and a good sense of sports fashion.Four through-through chrome-plated air intake grilles are inlaid and connected to the headlights on both sides, making the visual experience particularly outstanding.In addition to headlight configuration, this flagship version also gives us full surprise, using LED matrix type near and far light headlight combination, in addition to the sense of class is more enough, but also to ensure the safety of driving at night.In addition, automatic headlights, steering assist lights and headlights rain fog mode are added to further deepen the positioning of its own top-equipped version.As for the side of the body, the first impression of THE Volkswagen Tiguan L PHEV is that it is thick and has the aura of an intermediate SUV. In addition, the length of the vehicle reaches 4733mm. Although it adopts a large number of straight design lines, it does not blindly pursue sports and fashion, but it still gives people a great visual impact.Atmosphere and durable, I believe that many friends of its evaluation.The addition of 17-inch aluminum alloy wheel rims with multiple spokes is also a plus.In contrast, the rear shape of Volkswagen Tiguan L PHEV is the same as that of the fuel version. The biggest difference lies in the PHEV tail logo inlaid on the rear side of the vehicle, indicating its identity as a new energy model.Thick body layout, and the front face has a very good echo effect, the lower part of the bilateral decorative effect is a total of four exhaust, is in line with the aesthetic vision of domestic consumers.When I was writing about Volkswagen’s cars, I always used to describe them as being normal and lacking in highlights when it came to interior decoration. However, the 2022 Tiguan L PHEV has finally broken my understanding of them. It turns out that Volkswagen is also a good player when it comes to technology.The air conditioning air outlet through the style makes the central control layout look three-dimensional, and the addition of 12.1 inch LIQUID crystal display and 10.3 inch full liquid crystal instrument panel, as well as the touch function button with feedback, creates a strong avant-garde technology atmosphere.And the original car also has 30 color interior atmosphere lights, especially after the night light, the visual effect is not lost to some luxury brands.The original 12-inch LCD screen, in addition to supporting conventional functions, also provides a variety of technological functions including satellite navigation, mobile connectivity/mapping, and Internet of vehicles.In addition, automatic air conditioning and balanced and comprehensive active safety features are not absent in the flagship version. Combined with the price of 268,800 yuan, the TIguan L PHEV is very cost-effective.The front and rear seats are made of leather, coupled with the combination of double color and the addition of red stitching, which not only looks like a strong breath of sport, but also makes the front and rear seats have a commendable performance.In addition, to better ensure the ride experience of rear passengers, the rear also provides independent air conditioning control and charging port.The rear seat supports 4/2/4 proportional down, the maximum and minimum volume of the trunk is 1725L and 432L respectively, the practicality is commendable.In terms of power, Volkswagen Tiguan L adopts a hardware layout consisting of a 1.4T engine and a motor, of which the maximum power of the 1.4T engine is 110kW, the comprehensive maximum power of the hybrid power is 155KW and the maximum torque is 400N·m. It is matched with a six-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.The battery type is 13kWh ternary lithium battery, the pure electric range of NEDC is 55km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of NEDC is 1.8L.In the suspension part, the former McPherson type independent suspension and the rear multi-link type independent suspension are adopted. According to the actual experience, the solid chassis adjustment makes the control and driving texture of Volkswagen TIguan L PHEV not critical.Speaking of the impact on the experience, mainly lies in the hard shock absorption tuning, although it can give us a good sense of the road, but the shock absorption filter is general, when the shock absorption zone or bad road conditions, the vibration and turbulence feeling is really strong.Generally speaking, tiguan series, as a star car series of Volkswagen, can be described as its own killer card for its huge holding volume, high post-maintenance rate and good product strength.The Mid-size SUV, the Grand Tiguan L PHEV, for example, has both the space and better fuel economy of a mid-size SUV, making it more suitable for the home.Of course, the most important point is to use the full sense of science and technology of the new interior modeling, can win the heart of young consumers.Personally, if your car purchase budget is within 300,000 yuan and you are concerned about the cost of the car in the later stage, you might as well consider the Volkswagen Tiguan L PHEV.