‘Daddy, I can’t get up’ Girl beaten to death for an hour, biological father sentenced to 12 years in court

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Again when we got to the school, one of six small core out of the kindergarten, looking at the kindergarten to pick up the kids’s parents, small core of heart can not help flush of disappointment, in her mind has nothing about parents’ memories, so every time I see other children have mom and dad to pick, small rui will feel lost.Although is only six years old, but the small rui mind is more mature than other children, from birth, she will be living with grandma and grandpa, but grandma and grandpa in order to survive, had to go out to work, so most of the time are small core a person at home, but she is very sensible, at an early age, she learned to do household chores, learned how to take care of yourself.Of course, small rui must have parents, her father Jiang mou is an uneducated, loiterer, even with a child, Jiang mou is not willing to go out to work, the family’s life is maintained by small rui’s grandparents working outside.And Jiang mou not only depend on at home to chew the old, but also all day doing the spring and Autumn dream of overnight wealth, for this unrealistic idea, he ran to rob, according to the “Criminal law of the People’s Republic of China”, with violence, coercion or other methods to rob public and private property, sentenced to more than three years of imprisonment and less than 10 years of fines;If the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death and shall also be fined or be sentenced to confiscation of property.Finally, Jiang mou was sentenced to five years in prison, at this time, Small Rui was not born, may be unable to bear such a family, small Rui’s mother chose to leave without saying goodbye after giving birth, so the parents only exist in fantasy for small Rui.Her father went to prison and her mother left without saying goodbye, so Rui had to rely on her grandparents to support her.Later, grandma and grandpa took rui to Hainan, two people rent a small rental house, usually in the construction site will take rui, the workers are very like this lovely child, usually special attention to her, later rui grew up, forced by life, rui learned to take care of himself at a very young age.She also listens to her grandparents very much. Her neighbors like her very much and often help to take care of her.Five years later, Jiang mou released from prison, but he did not come to see small rui one eye, but choose a person to work in other places, family for him as if dispensable.But five years of prison life did not let Jiang mou have the slightest change, he is still like before in that way idle, played a year of work, in the end even a penny did not save down, and his lazy disease also again attack, so he went to Hainan, once again to live the life of the gnawn.At this time small rui grandma and grandpa are old, and all the year round in the construction site work, two people have a whole body of problems, but that is the way, they still have to drag full of scars to work, in addition to small rui, they have a “giant baby” son to feed.Jiang usually will not tube small rui, school is ok, but the holiday is not, so grandparents can only take small rui in the side, but the construction site is too dangerous for small rui, so July 21, 2018 at noon, grandparents choose to stay at home, and let Jiang take care of her.What they did not expect was how tragic the first contact between father and daughter would be.After lunch, grandma and grandpa started to go to the construction site, small Rui began to write homework.Active is the nature of children, small rui is no exception, it may be the first time for his father to accompany himself like this, small rui heart is also some happy, so when doing homework, small rui is a little naughty.But Jiang mou is not used to it, so decided to teach small rui, he let small rui to stand, small rui is very obedient, they silently stood aside, but she is just a child, after standing for a while did not have the patience, began to move, Jiang mou saw this behind the scene immediately furious.Originally his heart has been because of earn less than money and hold a belly fire, I think and “incompetent rage” about, at this time the small core of the move will thoroughly angered him, then he will be small core tied up, small core scared to cry, but Jiang mou seems not to be relieved, conveniently picked up a stick at hand toward the small core dozen up.For a whole hour, small rui jiang mou with a stick, coat hanger, belt and other items hit black and blue, covered with bruises, the body also kept blood oozing, then small rui grandpa grandma is coming back, so Jiang Mou let small rui stand up and tidy up.But Small rui at this time has been seriously injured, how can still stand up, she said with a weak voice: “Dad, I can’t stand up.”At this time Jiang seems to be aware of the wrong, immediately picked up small rui toward the hospital.See in front of the injury so serious small rui, the doctor can not help but a burst of heartache, and Jiang mou gave the explanation is “casually hit two slap”.But the doctor is not a fool, after the arrangement of small rui first aid, he began to ask Jiang mou, finally jiang mou can only admit that he will be small rui into such, the doctor listened to the moment to anger, he immediately called the police, soon, the police rushed to the hospital will jiang Mou control.Unfortunately, although the doctors had tried their best, but still could not save the young life, then the grandparents also received a call from the neighbors rushed to the hospital, but waiting for them is The death of Rui, the old couple fainted on the spot.Subsequently Jiang mou was sent to the court.Jiang mou suspected of intentional injury crime, according to the criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, intentional injury crime, sentenced to less than 3 years of imprisonment, criminal detention or public surveillance;If serious injury is caused to another person, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years;Whoever intentionally injures another person to death or seriously injures another person to serious disability by especially cruel means shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death.Jiang beat Xiao Rui to death, cruel means, despicable motive, finally the court sentenced Jiang mou to 12 years in prison, but Jiang mou did not repent at all, and even appealed in court, but the court did not accept.Jiang mou was punished, but small rui but can not come back, grandparents all day in tears, in any case, they can not think of Jiang mou unexpectedly to his daughter.Jiang mou such behavior is worse than animals, he does not deserve to be a father.