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At this time, Bai Xiaowu hurriedly explained: “in fact, the two young master of the crack day sword power is very powerful, but if the internal force is not transported, it lost half of the power, so the subordinate can get a lucky victory.”Bai Yichen nods, way: “I understand, you don’t have to care!”This jianfa is actually similar to the exorcism jianfa, exorcism jianfa pursuit of the ultimate speed, and crack the sky jianfa pursuit is the ultimate edge, need special internal work with the heart.If lost the internal force of the crack day, although the crack day jianfa will not be reduced to third-rate, but it can only be regarded as ordinary good jianfa.Immediately, Bai Yichen was afraid of bai Xiaowu to see his martial arts greatly reduced secret, also did not continue to practice the idea, ordered red plum and green lotus to prepare breakfast.After eating breakfast, he went back to his bedroom to practice cleaving heaven.Now, his most important is to improve the internal force, fencing can be practiced in the dream arena.Two hours later, Bai Yichen slowly closed the work, opened her eyes, sensing a lot of internal force inside the body, a smile on her face.At this rate of improvement, in three or four months, his internal force will be back to its second-rate peak.At this time, Bai Xiaowu came to the door, clenched his fist and saluted: “Two young master, master let you go to the main hall to eat!””I know, you go down!”Bai Yichen nods way, immediately emerged in the mind a lot of relevant characters and memory.A moment later, from memory, he found himself in the main hall, where there were seven people sitting at a mahogany table, with four maids standing by.Sitting in the chair is a silver-haired, ruddy old woman, it is Bai Yichen grandma white old lady Shen Qiuxia.Owner baiyunlong and White Yifeng sitting on the left of the white old lady.Sitting on the right are a middle-aged man and a charming woman, bai Yichen’s second uncle Bai Yuhu and his wife Ho.And sitting in the south is a young man in white and a blue skirt girl, is Bai Yichen’s cousin Bai Yiyun, cousin Bai Yixin.Seeing the arrival of Bai Yichen, the old lady said with a smile on her face: “Yi Chen, sit beside me!””Thank you, Grandma!Bai Yichen said that he sat down beside the old lady.At this time, white jade tiger but suddenly way: “Escape dust, I heard that you were really wu school of a little girl wounded yesterday, the injury is not in the way?”But every family, it is inevitable to fight for power, although baiyuhu did not win Baiyunlong, but has not given up ambition, always thinking about brother and brother.Therefore, his words seem to care, in fact, sinister intentions, aimed at pointing out that Bai Yichen’s martial arts are not good, even a little girl can not beat, lost the face of the Bai family.And what he has to do is to put bai Yichen worthless, and then for the illegitimate son of Bai Yifeng, if two people are not qualified to inherit the position of the Lord of the house, he inherited the big is it right?Bai Yichen, however, looked indifferent and smiled, “Thanks for your concern. I am all right now.However, I was injured this time, although because of the mysterious true Taoist stealthily attack, but also feel the martial arts is not good, so I decided to stay at home for half a year, practicing martial arts and sword, many things in the home on the bother of the second uncle more care!”White Jade tiger listened to, but look is slightly stunned, because the other side of the attitude is too calm, do not accord with its consistent character, and in his impression, Bai Yichen but a indulge female playboy, often go out to hunt yan, every night and song, how may sink to heart, in the home closed martial arts?Even Bai Yifeng listened, are look surprised looked at him.At this time, Baiyunlong but cold hum, way: “since you know repentance, a good home seclusion penance.After half a year, if you still can’t get through one of the eight veins and step into the first-class realm, go back to your hometown in the south for retirement!”Although the Bai family was the dominant in the northwest, its original hometown was in the South of the Yangtze River.Gangnam province, however, is a place of retirement because it is under the influence of King Hyeoncheongunjong, one of the seven orthodox schools.Once Bai yichen moved to his hometown in Southern China, he would have lost the right to inherit the family.Therefore, Bai Yiyun, Bai Yixin eyes have emerged a look of schadenfreude.Bai Yichen is look indifferent way: “child understand!”The internal force breaks through the first-class realm as long as it gets through the eight veins of the belt, according to this speed of cultivation, half a year is enough.At this time, the white old lady but stared at baiyunlong one eye, coldly way: “Eat not words, sleep not language, have a meal!”Although Baiyunlong is the head of the house, but on some occasions, the white old lady’s command is more authoritative, so everyone dare not speak again.Immediately, the maid brought a bowl of rice and filled a bowl for everyone.Bai Yichen picked up the rice bowl on the table and began to eat.Other people will scruple with image, eat very gentle, are small mouth to eat, chew slowly, Bai Yichen can not scruple with this, eat efficiently, can be called Wolf down.Five minutes later, in the eyes of the crowd stunned, Bai Yichen emptied several dishes on the table, finished eating the fifth bowl of rice, put down the chopsticks, stood up and said: “Grandma, dad, I finished eating, you slow down!”The old white lady laughed and said, “Go!”Immediately, Bai Yichen returned to the residence, began to concentrate on studying the theory of martial arts, a little bit of the original master of martial arts memory, digestion for their own experience.After an hour, he continued to practice cleft heaven gong, enhance internal force.In this way, Bai Yichen entered a state of seclusion and penance. He hardly went out of the house except for eating. He practiced in the garden of dust incense.To the night, Bai Yichen is in the dream of the martial arts field practice crack sky jianfa, swimming dragon body method, invisible sword finger, kamikaze leg method of these four doors of martial arts, through a battle of life and death, his martial arts began to advance rapidly.A month later, Bai Yichen’s internal work, crack day work reached the second peak, into the third-rate peak level, crack day sword also entered the realm of perfection, finally for the first time will be killed in black.At this time, the arena but again black gas convergence, refresh a use of the kamikaze leg of the black people, to fast abnormal speed, a foot will bai Yichen second kill!The world martial arts, only fast not broken!The kamikaze leg may not be as powerful as the sword, but it is more dangerous to Bai Yichen!Then, Bai Yichen penance for a month, crack day work to the third peak, the internal force into the second level, kamikaze leg and dragon body method has reached the perfect state, finally to the leg against leg, the black man killed.At this time, the arena once again out of a use of invisible sword finger black people, profound internal power and incomparable, even a point, invisible sword like a fine rain like exciting shot out!Bai Yichen display dragon body dodge, but also in a dozen moves after an invisible sword gas hole through the head!The use of invisible jianqi is too much loss of internal force, although the internal force of the second-rate master is not good, but it is still difficult to last, and the black man’s jianqi continuous rain, obviously internal power has been first-class level, Bai Yichen was not defeated!This invisible sword refers to the power of the early general, but if the strange meridian eight veins through, the internal force into the first-class level, jianqi continuous, it is like machine gun fire in general, the power is extremely terrible!In particular, the internal force of crack day gong is unique, contains sharp edge, but also makes invisible sword finger power increase, difficult to resist!Bai Yichen continued to practice penance, again after a month, his crack day skill excellent speed, reached the fourth peak, internal force repair to finally restore to the second peak.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!