The deputy weir reaches into the school to supervise the epidemic prevention and control work

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On the morning of April 2, Zhang Yiyuan, deputy chief of Anxiang County, and a party visited the Official Weir Middle School to supervise the epidemic prevention and control work.A county magistrate in the gatehouse carefully looked at the campus entrance guard management manual and epidemic prevention and control body temperature registration form, detailed understanding of all the prevention and control measures for the school, teachers and students daily morning noon, student attendance tracking, disinfection, dining room, such as the prevention and control of key areas, in the process of tour of the campus environment, zhang asked, deputy head of the school in the emergency disposal, the teachers and students in and out of the management to carry out the work situation,Then carefully check the canteen health management situation.In the end, Zhang stressed that the school should consider every link of epidemic prevention and control and education and teaching work in place, strictly implement epidemic prevention measures, build a solid campus security line, at the same time, the school in the Qingming Festival holiday to open good meals, to ensure the lives of teachers who can not go home because of the epidemic.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original