People who don’t go home for Spring Festival

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The end of the year more cold, warm heart is home.As the first festival, the Spring Festival has been integrated into the emotional sustenance and beautiful expectations of every Chinese.However, in the family reunion of laughter, there is always a group of people stick to the post, do “ten thousand lights” stick.During the Spring Festival, Most People interviewed several ordinary people who are still working.Bells and firecrackers played together, the New Year began.People busy with reunions and visiting family and friends were immersed in the Spring Festival atmosphere, while others started another busy working day.As in previous years, Fontainle looked after every traveller at daxing Airport.Bian Su duty room lights up as usual, “safety production” this string will not be lax because of the Spring Festival;Wu Yihua still guarded the subway, from dawn to dark, from the front to the rear;For the first time, Chen Yuanyuan, a “post-1995”, did not go home for the Spring Festival to provide material support for the same firm.They may be our most familiar strangers, but few of us really know their stories.To the hurried traveler, Fontaine is just one of hundreds of airport informer — standing in the crowd day after day, year after year, even on New Year’s Eve, approaching passengers in need;Even this year, she did not have the Spring Festival holiday for eight years.The huge and complex Beijing Daxing International Airport is always carrying out invisible “calculations”. As an inquirer of VIP company, Fang dandan is responsible for “variables beyond calculations”.Fontainle, together with more than 90 colleagues, is responsible for answering questions and providing extended services for the elderly, infirm, and pregnant passengers.Years of training have made passengers look, act, dress, look…Any slight difference would attract her attention.”Some look anxious, some walk hastily, some look around in bewilderment…”Many passengers are likely to return home only once a year, and a minute earlier discovery of their difficulties could have reduced the chance of missing a flight.”As we spoke, one passenger, with a furrowed brow and a quivering hand holding her boarding pass, made the customary inquiry. Sure enough, it was a first-time passenger.After understanding the situation, she worked with other colleagues to help board the plane as soon as possible, but she still regretfully changed her reservation.At the end of the day, she asked her handover colleagues to “keep an eye on this passenger and make sure he gets on the plane.”As The Spring Festival travel rush begins in January, similar stories happen every day, but for Fontaintaine, each story is about a specific person, whether they are someone’s parents, husband or child.What impressed me most was an old man lost at the airport. The anxiety of family members reached Fontaintainle’s ears through the intercom, and the perspectives of “daughter” and “interrogator” also overlapped at that moment.A team of more than 20 airport ambassadors responded quickly and began a blanket search.It was very close to boarding time at that time. Within four minutes, they quickly found the old man and dealt with relevant procedures for him who lost his ID card.When everything was ready, with only a few minutes left before the end of the flight, the relatives of the elderly anxiously wiped away tears.The possibility is slim, they still resolutely adopted the way of battery car plus wheelchair, relay the elderly to the gate.Finally, the old man and his family were able to catch the flight home.Looking at the back of the old man towards the engine room, Fang Dandan eyes flooded with tears.She told the “most people”, “just the last few seconds, but fortunately did not give up, did not want to give up, let the passengers smoothly return home, is the best gift of my Spring Festival.”In the end, the interview did not bypass her own way home. When talking about this, a slight sense of loss passed through her eyes and soon turned to a calm smile: “To make everyone have a smooth Spring Festival is the biggest meaning of being on duty during the Spring Festival.”Every Spring Festival for the past three years, Bian Su has been the one on duty at the factory.The refrigerant produced by Taicang Zhonghua Environmental Protection Chemical Co., Ltd. supplies more than 70% of the domestic related industries, and plays an important role in the industry.As plant supervisor, Bian su is responsible for managing process technology in the production workshop, “ensuring product quality and capacity to meet expectations through some technical measures.”In the production process of refrigerant, some chemical raw materials are also involved. Even if automation and intelligence have been realized, people are always the last check link at any time and on any assembly line.For years, Bian was so strict about technology that he even made his home next to the factory and sometimes rushed out in the middle of the night to deal with problems there.Gradually, in the roaring workshop, he became “part” of a sophisticated machine.Bian Su did not go home during the Spring Festival to ensure production safety.Unlike other refrigerant production companies, Bian Su’s company is one of the few in China with independent intellectual property rights, and its core technology is continuous production.”Other companies can open and close at will, but we can’t. Once we open, it takes three to four months.During the Spring Festival, our production line is always running, so we need someone on duty.”These days, the number of workers in the factory is decreasing, but the production line will not change at all around the clock. “The safe and stable production is in the hands of the person on duty, and the responsibility of the person on duty and the ability to deal with emergencies are highly required.”BianSu said.When there is an emergency, putting down your chopsticks and picking up the instrument happen almost at the same time.”He still remembered the Spring Festival duty in 2020. Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, all the employees of the factory could not arrive at their posts on time, so his duty hours were extended indefinitely. He was guarding a factory, and he went back and forth from two o ‘clock to one line every day.Refrigerants produced during the Spring Festival will be installed on air conditioners before summer.Those who make air conditioners have a warm New Year in their hearts.”Before the Internet is not a sentence called, this summer my life is the air conditioning to yao, I said the air conditioning is our life.””Said Biensue jokingly.Talking about the results of his work, the big man gave a knowing smile.Fifteen years ago, Wu Yihua and his team were on duty during the Spring Festival.Nine hours is how long it took him and his team to overhaul a subway train.On Shanghai metro Line 8, more than 90 trains are repaired every month to ensure the reliable operation of the city’s subway.As the deputy monitor of the vehicle balance maintenance squad, he has maintained a 24-hour standby state.Maintenance work requires high levels of skill and patience.They start at the train’s running section and work their way up to the train’s “neural wire” central transmission system, the “backbone” motors, machinery, motors.The bogie of each carriage, wheel pair are wu Yihua’s focus of attention.Bogie fatigue injury, easy to lead to hidden cracks.When maintenance, Wu Yihua practiced “fire eye golden eye”, always can observe the detail that is not easy to be discovered.”It comes from liability,” he said. “If the cracks are not detected, there is a risk of derailment.”Wu Yihua every year from January, Wu Yihua began to do a busy plan.Get supplies, schedule shifts, boost morale.”As long as the subway is running, we can’t stop working,” he explained.”During the Lunar New Year holiday, we will work hard to ensure the operation of Line 8 and protect the safety of passengers.”Subway maintenance work is cyclical, routine maintenance is a monotonous repetition of one train after another, can persist for 15 years, in the final analysis, because of the love of the heart.In Wu yihua’s mind, this is his career, not his profession.The nuances, the meanings are very different.”Work is doing what you’re supposed to do every day, and the rest of the time you don’t listen to anything outside the window.It requires hard work, commitment and excellence.”The trains he overhauled carried not only passengers, but also the truth.Work for many years, as long as Wu Yihua takes the subway, will put on a “professional maintenance key”.This key can open the subway train doors, driver doors, etc.With this key, he is ready to take part in emergency treatment in case of any unexpected accident in the car.Whenever he takes the subway and sees illegal advertising paper on the train, he will also deal with it.It has become a habit to check trains along with them, he said. “After each ‘balance repair,’ I watch the trains being reassembled and ready to go with everyone’s efforts.We couldn’t be more relieved and proud.”Chen Yuanyuan, born after 1995, did not go home for the first Chinese New Year.As a staff member of JINGdong Industrial Products Kunshan Huaqiao Enterprise Distribution Center, her job is to check, accept, collect and integrate dispersed enterprise orders every day in the 500-square-meter enterprise distribution center, attach the delivery sheet of JINGdong Industrial products, and then coordinate the timely delivery of special personnel and vehicles to the enterprises.In Chen’s own words, the department was like a material distribution hub.”Corporate procurement is very different from personal consumption. Each order usually contains hundreds or thousands of goods. It is almost impossible to complete such a variety of goods through one supplier, and most of the time, it is necessary to integrate many suppliers.However, if these suppliers directly send the orders to corporate customers through third-party logistics, it will lead to repeated receipt and warehousing of an order, which will bring great management burden to enterprises.”Chen yuanyuan’s job is to “break up the scattered orders into one” and help the procurement department of the enterprise to reduce the difficulty of work through her own work.As long as the enterprise has the demand of material security, Chen Yuanyuan will choose to stay and stick to it, and do a good job of service.For example, Shanghai Metro Maintenance Department, Sinochem Taicang Safety Inspection and other enterprises need production materials during the Spring Festival, jingdong Industrial Products, where Chen Yuanyuan works, is responsible for service support.Over the past year, Chen Yuanyuan has been busy, including holidays.On the National Day of 2021, Chen yuanyuan didn’t go home.This Spring Festival, she and her friends still insist on working at their posts.Nearly 200 orders need to be processed every day.During the Spring Festival, she was so busy that she could hardly spare time for a meal.”More than 600 sheets are printed every day, and the paper used in a week is nearly half a meter high.”She said.With a smile on her face during the conversation, she said, “The service ensures that workers who are still struggling on the front line during the Spring Festival can better complete their work, which makes me feel that the Persistence of the Spring Festival is very meaningful.”Wang Anshi once said, “Seemingly ordinary is the most peculiar, as easy but hard.”It is said that the cross of the sea will show the true qualities of hero, but in fact the true qualities of hero may just be the persistence of an ordinary person.When someone carefully look, to understand, will find that they are “seemingly ordinary most peculiar”.On weekdays, like most people, they rush about, worry, helplessness and anxiety to make a living, but at the time when the whole family should be reunited, because they stick to it, because they do not retreat, they emit different light.And when you see the light, look toward where the light is coming from.We chose to turn our attention to the ordinary people who have persevered one by one. It is also our hope to send our best wishes and respect at the beginning of the New Year.Hats off to everyone who worked hard during the Spring Festival and to everyone who worked hard.Just as our slogan says: Ordinary world, extraordinary people.