On the way home, xi ‘an Polytechnic University escorted students home for the Spring Festival

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Recently, many students of Xi ‘an Polytechnic University shared their friends’ circle with smiling faces of returning home for the Spring Festival. Many students shared their mother’s taste or hometown dishes they had cherished for a long time.Teachers and volunteers watch over 18,420 students on their unprecedented journey home.At 4:00 a.m. on January 17th, the first bus to Xi ‘an Railway Station set off from Lintong Campus, starting the students’ trip home.But this journey, you didn’t start at 4:00 in the morning.On The 15th, according to the requirements of the school’s winter vacation special classes, the system used the grid of students’ education management service system formed during the anti-epidemic period and the strength of the school to quickly start the information tracking of students leaving school and returning home.From 15th to 16th, the teachers of the school work system worked all night, reviewing and summarizing all kinds of data of students leaving school and returning home based on the information of each apartment building and college.From 16th to 17th, we will continue to review and summarize the detailed travel information of students to ensure the accuracy of transfer capacity and ensure that the trip starting at 4am on 17th can “get out of the school gate, to the traffic station and back home”.Although the pace of the golden flower campus students go home for a few days later, but information MoPai and statistical work is also the early, in order to make the school winter vacation work more clear and smooth, 15 to 16, overnight, student worker system of teachers to statistics data, specific work provides the decision-making basis for the school, also of the golden flower campus students prepared for school work.Due to different policies for students returning home, the preparation and ways for students returning home are complicated and diverse.The teachers of the school work system understood the epidemic prevention policies of various places in detail, and established the “database” of returning students by precise grouping and classification. They collected, counted and summarized the whereabouts information of more than 18,000 students during the winter vacation overnight, ensuring accurate tracking, clear dynamic and timely update of all the books.The school’s “point-to-point” closed-loop protects students’ return home, and tailor-made closed-loop system for each student.For students returning home by train, high-speed rail and plane, buses have been arranged to take students to “two stops and one stop”.From 17th to 20th in Lintong Campus and from 21st to 22nd in Jinhua Campus, shuttle buses with lights on and heating on were waiting for students to go home at 4:00 in the morning.Also waiting for you are the instructors, student volunteers and other staff. Sun Runjun, a teacher from textile College, and the instructors have been on campus since early morning, helping to carry luggage and doing guidance.There are students in the bus with tablet computer typed “teacher hard” words, is the most warm picture of this winter.Cao Shanshan, a 2021 graduate student in environmental science and engineering, wrote a short thank-you letter to her instructor, Mr. Lai Bin, after she got home. “If I hadn’t queued up at 5 am, I wouldn’t have known that someone had made so much effort and effort to get us home safely,” she said.Now I’m sitting at home, writing my gratitude.Teacher, you were laborious “.After getting off at “two stops and one stop”, the students saw the teacher who was wearing a military coat and holding the school badge.They watched the “two stops and one stop” and welcomed more than 380 vehicles from the two campuses.Xi ‘an university students return to the peak, the school vehicles have arrived at the station, the teachers from the long parking car dragon, trotting to meet the school arrival vehicles, timely guide the students in an orderly queue into the station.Xue Yong, the teacher in charge of vehicle scheduling, showed more than 20,000 steps every day during the drop-off period, and the maximum number of steps per day was more than 35,000.The rush in the winter is to bring convenience and warmth for students to go home.In addition to “two stops and one stop”, some students need to set off from Xi ‘an South Railway Station or Lintong Railway Station to go home.For students who need urgent travel due to special circumstances, zhou Mengyu and other teachers from the College of Telecommunications are always on call to solve the urgent need for students.One of the students posted a long message of thanks to the teacher, “‘ What time do you get on the bus?Where is it?Don’t worry. I’ll see you off.Simple words and affirmations are enough to calm a busy heart and warm the snowflakes in winter.In the cold wind, I watched the teacher rush out of the crowd to get the car who had worked so hard for the students to go home.Maybe he is not very tall, but he and every teacher must be the ‘superman’ of students.A sentence of “don’t worry”, “children, get the documents ready”, let people originally uneasy and guilty heart, do not know how much warm current.I don’t even know who the teachers are or what their names are in the early hours of this morning, but they really warmed up the spring.”For the students whose families have no train transportation in the province and it is difficult to reach the districts and counties point-to-point, the school will arrange special personnel to take the initiative to connect and contact, and charter buses to send the students home.Starting from Lintong Campus,School successively with yulin (yu Yang district, hengshan, fu valley, jingbian-yanshuiguang pipeline, sense, qingjian, sub continent, shenmu, yulin high-tech zone), yan (YanChuan, luochuan, huanglong, YiChuan, huangling, hengshan), tongchuan (Mr Wang, stamp pad, yao, appropriate jun, to implement state) and (culture area, south red phoenix in morning, ShangNa, sanyo, ZhenAn, ZhaShui), ankang (Shi Quan, NingShan, ziyang, Xunyang, Baihe), Weinan (Heyang, Chengcheng, Baishui, Hancheng), Xianyang, Jingyang, Sanyuan, Gaoling, Lantian and other more than 40 district and county education bureau or prevention and control center repeatedly communication and coordination, by the 19th, through schools or local vehicles safely transported 681 students back home.Starting from Jinhua Campus, the school has contacted charter bus service for students going to Tongchuan, Shangluo, Weinan, Xianyang and some districts and counties without direct trains in Xi ‘an, and transported 157 students safely in total.Some students who took private cars or online ride-hailing vehicles returned home by bus after checking their return certificates and nucleic acid test results one by one under the guidance of school health team members, counselors and student volunteers in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements.In order to facilitate nucleic acid testing before students leave school, the nucleic acid testing sites on the two campuses have deployed sufficient manpower to carry out round-the-clock regular nucleic acid testing.The university actively contacted nucleic acid testing institutions, coordinated testing time, and sent tests in batches to ensure that students could obtain negative nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours in time.According to the change of nucleic acid certification required by students returning to their hometown within 24 hours, we will arrange nucleic acid testing for students who cannot meet the requirements upon arrival.The school also distributed epidemic prevention kits including masks, alcohol, wipes, disposable gels and other materials to each student leaving school, reminding them to take good precautions during the journey and get home safely.The work is complicated and orderly. In order to ensure that every student can safely leave school and return home, the school has set up special classes for students to leave school in winter vacation in the two campuses, under which various working groups are set up to promote students to leave school.The special work class strengthened overall planning, precise mapping, comprehensive preparation and efficient coordination to rapidly promote the work of students returning home during the winter vacation, and provided solid and meticulous guarantee for returning students.Since the start of the school-leaving work, ma Wanqing, secretary of the Party Committee of the school, Wang Haiyan, principal of the school, and other school leaders have been on the front line of students returning home. They rush between the two campuses to work at home, and also go to Xi ‘an Station, Xi ‘an North Station to comfort students and teachers who have left the school.In the snow and snow, they waved goodbye to the students and left their exhortations and prayers for safety for the students.They put forward more detailed requirements for their work, encouraging staff and volunteers to do a good job of special work from the perspective of safe return of students.”You make the night cold, and you keep us warm.”Every student can go home safely. It is our responsibility and care.Day and night, only to warm your way home;Stick to day and night, but students are safe.Looking forward, the epidemic dispersed, spring, and about Chang ‘an.