In this romantic spring green plan hoodie with 06 oh

2022-05-07 0 By

Weekend is a good day to make everyone very excited, happy breeze blowing on the face, the air is fragrant with flowers, spare time please smile, friends and family together to look at the boundless lake, blowing nature in the spring breeze.I love photography, and there’s nothing I like better than picking up a camera to record the things I love!It is because of this passion that I have been doing what I love to do.I often participate in various activities in THE APP dynamic circle has become my daily life, and I am lucky to win awards frequently. Today, I am also happy to get a PHEV green planning ring protection suit produced by LYNk. I have invited the model @Jiuqian Yue and her Silver Magic Purple 06.This garment is lynk’s green plan to integrate the concept of green and environmental protection into our life for green and low-carbon travel.The natural and comfortable environment-friendly fabric and the contrast of most dark green colors are very eye-catching.Both men and women look very sporty and casual trend and very slim and versatile. Wearing it on the body is also very breathable and comfortable, and the fabric feels textured.The 06 that has door of automatic electric tail need not worry enough, little elder sister is very nifty pat a pat a piece to her.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)