Breaking brand boundaries with burning: Yes, it’s hot

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Brand rejuvenation has been the collective consensus of many brands. How to generate emotional resonance with young consumers and capture the hearts of young people at the same time of brand rejuvenation has become an important topic for brands to discuss.Through a full range of emotional marketing, Huoba “burns” in this winter, not only accurately reach the contemporary young consumer groups, but also insight into their emotional needs, shorten the distance between the brand and consumers, and realize the precipitation of content assets.What kind of user thinking logic does this reflect?Let’s see how it’s made.Young people in the Z era, who are active in the new century, have gradually become a new generation of consumers.The post-1995 generation, born between 1995 and 2009, numbered about 260 million, accounting for 19 percent of the country’s population, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.They have entered the stage of national consumption and become the focus of most brands.For Gen Z, the demands to “eat” tend to be more diverse than those of their predecessors.According to B station x Nielsen IQ, issued the Z generation food and beverage consumption report shows that in addition to meet the basic function such as thirst full class requirements, including “social interaction”, “to express their individuality and taste” demand are help famous, visible young consumers have self expression extends to the food and beverage consumption.In the face of such “generation Z”, hot coffee already has natural advantages in products: hot coffee selected coffee beans, using direct fire roasting technology, bring more mellow and rich coffee taste;Another unique feature of the new hot coffee latte is that when you shake it up, it creates a creamy, fresh-brewed taste.Its unique selling point makes it popular among young people.In view of the point of “expressing individuality and taste”, Huafa, centering on the brand proposition of “experiencing true taste with direct fire”, extends the spirit of direct fire baking technology into life and creates the communication theme of “To our true burning moment”.Focusing on the creation of “True Burning Moment”, Huoka launched the offline flash mob activity of “Late night Coffee cart” in Guangzhou Tiande Square in December 2021.At the event, gen Z can not only take photos and punch in, but also have comfortable beach tables and chairs for them to share enthusiastically.At the scene of “Late Night Coffee cart”, young people participated in the activities to taste hot coffee and listen to the moving singing performed by live singers…Is that enough?Huoga also creatively provides a “voice platform” for them, and various props are prepared on site for consumers to express their emotional demands.Fire coffee “late night coffee car” scene people in a hurry can use the bottle cap in “single success”, “examination ashore” and other “true burning moment” cast the “most burning moment”;For the social ceiling, live microphones provide the stage for the creation of “Real Fire” talk shows.For social phobia patients, the “True Burning Story Mailbox” on site provides a good outlet for them to express their emotions. By writing down their own “true burning moment”, they can take away other people’s anonymous stories and let their emotions flow in the middle of the night.Young people went to the microphone to participate in the sharing of “True Combustion Moment”. In this activity, Huoga has been acting as a quiet listener and communicator, quietly listening to the wonderful stories of public true combustion moment, and presenting generation Z’s understanding and interpretation of “combustion” through these small interactions.From the perspective of these actions, hot coffee has enriched and deepened consumers’ cognition of the brand and reshaped the relationship between consumers and the brand.Of course, thanks to the enthusiastic response of “late night coffee truck” offline and the fit of the concept, young people also ferment the discussion about “true burning moment” online.Thus, a brand that knows how to satisfy young people’s expression of individuality will command a premium in word of mouth.Microblogging topic pages share emotional insight: “really burning moment” official interpretation + create content, communication context into Z generation from another point of view, the brand to become one with young people, must be good at digging deep emotional needs of users and refining a brand related emotional symbols and user communication: on the one hand, cause the user attention, on the other hand can give the brand a certain moodSense of value connotation, enhance users’ brand identity.In this regard, Huoca always pays attention to the life and emotion of young people, and continues to convey the topic of quality and positive progress.Around the “True Burning moment”, actively layout B station, Weibo and other user focus platforms that generation Z often live in, so as to reach more consumers in different circles.How to define the two concepts of “Lilian” and “true combustion”?In the movie #2021 To Our Real Burning Moment, urban people explore their inner delicate feelings through the company of hot coffee at night.Ride-hailing drivers who work at midnight so their families can live a happy life;Office workers work until three or four in the morning every day to achieve an unparalleled sense of accomplishment when projects are completed.The boy who pursues his dream at night releases the speed and passion of skateboarding in the square at midnight in order to be loyal to his love…Through three episodes, Hot Coffee presents the appearance of “true burning” moment from multi-dimensional, multi-faceted and multi-perspective, which is to lead the family to live a good life, the courage to overcome difficulties, and the faith to pursue love.The video has been viewed more than 2.8 million times on Weibo, with “breaking defense” being the most frequently mentioned word in the comments section.In station B, Huoga also cooperated with UP hosts in 6 different circles for content co-creation, which led the public to understand the connotation of “true fire”, with more than 650,000 plays and 50,000 interactions so far.Whether it is firefighters who prepare for hard training, young people who are brave enough to change themselves, or professionals who turn their hobbies into jobs, they resonate with fans with real emotions, promote the two-way communication between brands and consumers, and refresh the inherent cognition of hot coffee among generation Z.On the weibo, Huoba cooperated with the UP host of B station to create content together, the topic of # To our True Burning Moment has also accumulated nearly 34.3 million views and more than 32,000 discussions.It is worth mentioning that customers’ product sharing can be seen everywhere on the topic page, and some KOL has clocking in “late night coffee cart” activities in Guangzhou, Family Mart activities in Shanghai and Brand pavilion activities in Chengdu, etc.In this way, the combination of “KOL+KOC” can actually stimulate word-of-mouth communication to the maximum extent and achieve the maximum user coverage of brand information.Weibo bloggers clock in fire cafe is located in guangzhou, Shanghai, chengdu and other offline activities fire cafe besides, from the perspective of the B stand with weibo, in integrating ideas and emotional link of article up and down, try to use a diffuse way to convey the young “real”, through the innovation of play further send fire cafe positive philosophy of life.Conclusion For generation Z, brand is no longer the traditional one-way content output oriented, but a process of resonating with young people in life and creating a two-way direction together.Huoka creates online and offline activities and social topics according to its own brand tone, breaking away from the traditional way and frame of advertising, which not only effectively collects interested groups, but also brings them back online to increase online traffic.In addition, the interaction with young people creates emotional links between the brand and consumers, which further precipitates into brand user assets.When the content of this endorsement is more and more, it slowly forms the savings bank of the brand in communication.This time, huka has shown us the power of “true combustion”, and will burn to the end in the future.