A 15-year-old foreigner from Anhui province kowtowed to his 3-year-old uncle for New Year’s greetings

2022-05-07 0 By

Suzhou, East China’s Anhui Province, Jan. 30.A 15-year-old nephew kowtowed to his three-year-old uncle for New Year’s greetings, which was followed by an adorable gesture from his uncle.Originally, in the local junior to give elders New Year, New Year to kowtow, at that time this big nephew are 15 when, but the little uncle is only 3 years old, I saw him firmly sitting in a chair, waiting for the junior to give him New Year.When the 15-year-old nephew kowtow to him said uncle happy Chinese New Year, at this time the uncle sitting in a chair has not come back, then an adult next to him quickly sent a few bills to his hands, he just gave the New Year’s money to nephew, some expression is very reluctant.Net friends saw this behind the scenes laughed, they have said: radish roof small, big!Another netizen said: the three-year-old uncle is the elder, and the 15-year-old nephew.Younger generation to elders New Year, elders give younger New Year’s money.This has nothing to do with age.When I go back to my hometown for the Spring Festival, many people in their fifties and sixties call me “Gu Grandma” and their children call me “Tai Grandma”. My daughter has just entered middle school and they call her “xiao Gu”. My daughter never wants to go back to her hometown because she is afraid of being an elder.Although the weight is small pressure thousand catty, senior high respected, is a little high cost, I think big bad experience.However, we can’t help it. It has been handed down from generation to generation. Sometimes relatives and relatives should follow this order of generation without breaking the rules.If we don’t even talk about generations, then these blood and kinship relationships may become more and more chaotic, and then the whole clan will be in chaos.So I don’t like it, I don’t like it, but I have to obey it.Back home I have been too grandma, although it is very dislike, but ancestors left things or can not abandon, you are willing to be a big generation?