What exactly is exfoliating for?Do you know how to exfoliate safely for brighter skin?

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Our topic today is “exfoliating”, we should be familiar with this topic, but there are still a lot of small details and precautions to share with you, so that everyone can learn to scientific exfoliation.Before we exfoliate, what is a cutin?The outermost layer of our skin has an important protective layer called the cuticle, which helps us lock in moisture and protect our skin from harsh outside forces.Our skin will periodically metabolize horniness, but due to inadequate cleaning, vigorous oil secretion, skin aging, sunlight, weather changes and other reasons, the horniness that should have fallen off is accumulated on the skin surface, making the skin look dark and yellow, not bright enough, and easy to chaps when lacking water.Exfoliating the right exfoliating, can make the skin more smooth and bright, tender and young;It can also make skin care ingredients more easily absorbed by the skin, maintain skin metabolism, and then improve more skin problems.After learning what horniness is, they want to tell you that not everyone needs to exfoliate, and that the stratum corneum plays an important role in protecting the skin.If excessive exfoliation, it will make our cuticle too thin to form sensitive muscles, easy to be stimulated by external factors, but also accelerate the aging of the skin.What situations need exfoliating?Healthy, normal skin doesn’t need “regular exfoliation,” they say.Here’s what you need to exfoliate: 1. When the cuticle is too thick.2. When the skin is no longer bright and dandruff can be seen under the light, it does not feel smooth;3, when using foundation makeup, feel the foundation is not smooth, but also prone to acne.These circumstances can consider chamfer, only when the person that suits achieves appropriate chamfer, just can make chamfer this thing achieves benefit to change.Of course, other parts of the body can also be exfoliated to make the skin shine and smooth.The method of cutin about the method of cutin, basically have 3 kinds 1, physical friction: this method basically is to use a series of articles, for example: salt, sugar, walnut shell granule, make up cotton to increase the friction to the skin, achieve the effect of cutin thereby.2, chemical stripping: this mainly refers to the use of acids, such as salicylic acid, fruit acid, ferulic acid, etc., to make our cuticle soft, accelerate cuticle off.3, tear peeling: in fact, it is good to understand, is to use tear mask, skin paste kind of things, using the principle of film sticking cutin, this method is not recommended to use.The method about chamfer basically is above 3 kinds, everybody can the actual situation according to his skin, choose the method that suits him.We already know what exfoliating is, who needs it and how to exfoliate it. How much have you written down in your little books?Finally, let’s give you some tips (^_^)!● Know your skin before you exfoliate;● Do not blindly choose products, to try to moderate;● Frequency: 1-2 times/month for healthy skin, not necessary for sensitive skin and dry skin, and exfoliating in the T-zone of mixed skin.Exfoliating can be good or bad, but the key is how much you exfoliate.Again, a word of caution: sensitive muscles can’t be too horny and don’t need to be exfoliated.This is the end of today’s content. If you have any ideas or want to know about exfoliating, please leave a comment in the comments section!It has been raining here for a whole day. What’s the weather like there?Want to know more wonderful skin care knowledge, follow @Dugu xiaoren, let’s see you tomorrow!