RNG BLG gets 5 straight wins Uzi hit hot search, Gala put words: don’t target down road

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Preface:On January 27, LPL Spring Competition staged two focus battles. In the first game, TES team and OMG team fought 2 games, OMG team easily crushed TES team 2-0 to end its three-game losing streak, while TES team is not yet in a winning state, and in the second game,RNG team and BLG team even played a fierce BO3 battle, RNG team led by Tiger and Bin successfully defeated BLG team 2-1 to get five consecutive wins, while BLG team ushered in the first defeat of the spring tournament.RNG team beat BLG team 2-1 in the first game:Tiger selected in the single plane, Bin is out of Gwen breath brother’s weapons, early in the game, Doggo down to kill Xiao Ming won a blood, and RNG team is steady against the line, the two sides have not been opened, after the game came to the middle, the two sides began to fierce team battle, Bin Gwen single kill breath brother play advantage,And RNG team battle also win, which also let RNG team gradually master the situation of the game, after RNG team to get the Dragon soul and tai Long defeated BLG team to win the first game.Game 2:Breathing elder brother took out on single pretty king, while the tiger is got the victor, at the beginning of the game, the RNG clan and BLG clan is given priority to with on line, the economy also has been on a flat stage, 12 minutes, struck RNG BLG clan clan in blood and get three towers, 25 minutes, BLG team struck RNG conveniently got dragon clan four people before,In 27 minutes, BLG team got the dragon soul. In 30 minutes, BLG team killed THREE RNG team after a wave ended the game.Game 3:Bin selected Qinggang Shadow. In the early stage of the game, Bin used Qinggang Shadow to play a great advantage, while RNG team also played an economic advantage through group battle. In the middle of the game, RNG team expanded its economic lead by constantly robbing resources.In 32 minutes, the RNG team defeated the BLG team after a wave ended the match.In the BO3 match between RNG and BLG, RNG defeated BLG with better performance. It was the first time that RNG defeated BLG in three years. Gala also talked about the match in the post-match interview.When asked how to prepare for the match against BLG, Gala said: “We mainly train ourselves to correct our own problems, there is no specific training, which shows that Gala also said that there is no specific training for THE NEXT BLG team.RNG and BLG did have a great BO3 battle, but BLG didn’t play UZI against RNG to the disappointment of many fans, and even after RNG beat BLG, UZI was trending.BLG’s decision not to let UZI play was also mocked by fans, and some fans even directly asked why UZI was not allowed to fight RNG to make up for the loss. After RNG defeated BLG, RNG not only won the fifth straight game in the spring, but also beat BLG for the first time in 1,047 days.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Enju north game said OMG put TES into a man computer water is dizzy, LPL Miller joked: TES was beaten like a piece of white paper LNG dry broken FPX won five straight after Doinb support Lwx, Jin Goo goo joked: he is now a team leader