On the list!Two community Sports Corners in Wuhou District were awarded “Municipal Demonstration Community Sports Corners”

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On the greenway to breathe fresh oxygen covered with the smell of grass bask in the sun in the gym to release the unlimited energy of fighting equipment sweat like rain……These pictures vividly show the movement of the one hundred possible “in chengdu recently municipal party committee of the communist party of China chengdu urban and rural community development management committee of chengdu sports bureau recognition on city-level demonstration Angle of community sport awards list wuhou district 1 won the second prize, third prize 1 second prize CuJin Yangtze river street community movement Angle of her third prize jinyang street community movement Angle motion Angle of” community “is what?Community sports corner is a form of community-level public sports facilities, arranged in the town (street) community close to the life of citizens, convenient to reach the space.The area of the venue is not less than 300 square meters and must contain facilities for at least 3 sports events.Follow xiaobian to punch the wuhou district of these two doorsteps of the playground!CuJin street shun jiang Angle of community sport CuJin Yangtze river street Angle of community sport in julong road and Wan Xinglu intersection of Yangtze river community park, location, eye shot is open, in and out of convenience.In the early days, due to unreasonable positioning, inadequate management and unscientific construction, the park was overgrown with weeds and broken fitness equipment, which made it difficult to attract surrounding residents to exercise.Under the leadership of the street, community and relevant functional departments, the transformed sports Corner returns with a new look, providing a new way of leisure life for nearby residents.Compared with the previous, sports corner not only added recreational facilities, such as basketball court, table tennis court, elderly fitness, etc., but also through the introduction of a third party, the open space of the sports corner and street landscape are integrated to create an open shared park city, green and healthy street scene.Jinfu Community Sports Corner Jinyang Street Jinfu community sports corner is located in jinfu community five Garden sports park.In order to implement the healthy life concept of “exercise half an hour a day, healthy work every day, happy life for a lifetime”, Jiff community began to carry out a slight transformation of the sports corner of the Five Big Gardens Sports Park.Through the construction of sports IP signs, sports pictures, universiade signs, community signs and other scenes in the sports corner, residents’ enthusiasm for participating in sports is further enhanced and a good sports atmosphere is created.Since the micro-transformation of Jifu Community Sports Corner, a series of recreational and sports activities such as weekly sports, basketball, brisk walking, tai Chi and table tennis have been carried out successively.At night, the community Sports Corner is a bustling place where residents gather to exercise and chat.The reconstructed sports corner has greatly enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the residents and won high praise from the residents.Spring is coming, it’s time to move. If you go out, you can move. What are you waiting for?(Source: King wu)