In addition to “The Four Seas”, “Miracle”, the Spring Festival blockbusters, a single actor, let my mother fascinated

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Due to some special reasons, I couldn’t go back to my hometown in northeast China for the Spring Festival this year. As a film lover, AND staying alone in Guangdong, I naturally focused on this year’s Spring Festival film season.However, there are eight Chinese New Year movies, including Four Oceans, The Killer and Miracle, each of which has its own unique appeal, which makes me have a choice problem.Also, friends are home for Chinese New Year, and they don’t want to go to the cinema by themselves.Fortunately, I saw the “9th” Spring Festival blockbuster when I read the movie reviews online today.It is a popular TV series on IQiyi. It is different from the New Year movies that are popular in cinemas, which bring us a lively and short atmosphere of reunion during the Spring Festival. Instead, it provides a longer atmosphere of “family reunion”, telling the life and struggle of ordinary people from the 1970s to the last 50 years.As you may have guessed, the “ninth” Spring Festival blockbuster I’m talking about is The World.As a TV drama for the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, it has enjoyed a “good start” to the year of the Tiger, with many netizens saying it has a chance to pre-order the best of the year.I also noticed that it just launched two days ago, the whole network heat second, the TV series category directly rushed to the first, it can be seen that the reputation is good.So TODAY I did not go out to the cinema, hiding in the quilt to catch up with several episodes of “The World”, the first to give me the biggest feeling is: real and down-to-earth!As a native of Changchun, there are factories, kangs, cotton hats, bathhouses, bicycles…Let me have a lot of resonance!I got a little teary and homesick.So I called my mother, to my surprise, she was also lying on the kang chasing the World!And I watched it faster than I did. My mom said that in addition to the story being real, warm and down-to-earth, the cast was also great, with the hero of her youth.When I heard this, I immediately thought of Lei Jiayin, after all, he has always been my favorite actor, and he has been his fan since the First Half of My Life.This is the drama of Zhou Bingkun honest forthright, confused lovely play live, acting really great!But I was about to compliment Lei Jiayin again when my mother stopped me and said that the male god she was talking about was Ding Yongdai.At this time I wondered, I know Ding Yongdai in the play as a worker’s father Zhou Zhigang, but the actor was not impressed.My mother said, 20 years ago, Ding Yongdai appeared in the TV drama “The End of the Road”, when he played the role of “Bai Baoshan” is popular all over the country!This time in the World ding Yongdai also acted the image of an old father to life.After a few words of conversation, she hung up the phone and said to leave her alone.At this time, I also had some thoughts: In addition to the real, warm and down-to-earth plot, this play can also allow us to find the aesthetic overlap with the previous generation, taste the ups and downs of fate in the changing times, and aftertaste the daily life with no lack of suffering but always glimmer.What a shame I couldn’t go home and chase with my mom!Finally, in order not to reveal the plot, I won’t go into details here.All in all, this drama is really suitable to watch with family, and even if you watch it yourself, you can also get many touching moments.There are still a few days left in the Spring Festival holiday, in addition to the current cinema 8 in the file New Year’s film, “the World” this “ninth” New Year’s blockbuster, it is worth us to savor!