Automatic door zhuhai induction door folding door maglev automatic door

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In modern home, automatic doors often have unexpected decorative effects, any home style can be found with the matching of automatic doors.Understand from the door industry market, the main advantage of the use of automatic doors in modern families is: beautiful and generous, novel style, design and color diversity, the use of bento, push and pull poised, effectively save the space taken up by the door.Automatic doors are mostly made of light new materials. They have good performance in thermal insulation, dampproof, fire retardant, noise reduction, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. Therefore, folding is particularly suitable for modern toilet doors and kitchen doors, balcony doors.And in business, the application of automatic doors is more and more common, especially electric automatic doors, its automatic expansion open, beautiful, fashionable appearance by send-off.Zhuhai electric door, automatic door zhuhai, zhuhai induction door, folding door, zhuhai zhuhai maglev automatic door zhuhai m jia automatic door technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in automatic door, induction door, revolving door installation, mobile screen partition engineering, sodom automatic door installation, panasonic automatic door installation and other services of the company, the company has a professional construction team.