Ajiao ex-husband will be three marriage, secret with his fiancee to attend the classmate party, a detail suspected exposed woman

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Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!On February 4, Taiwan media again reported the situation of Ajiao (real name Zhong Xintong) ex-husband Lai Hongguo, netizens in the photo he posted suspected found his fiancee figure.A day earlier, Taiwan media reported that Lai hongguo, 32, proposed on Feb 1, the first day of Chinese New Year, and is about to marry for the third time.Before that, his social media accounts barely showed any clues, and the sudden announcement of his marriage surprised many people.In response, Lai hongguo is very interesting, only admitted to a stable relationship, but did not deny the proposal.After the good news, netizens immediately sent their blessings to Lai hongguo, congratulating him on his upcoming third marriage.There was also a lot of curiosity about his new girlfriend.Interestingly, some netizens found that he had deliberately cut out a part of the reunion photos he posted earlier, which seemed to secretly bring his new girlfriend to the reunion.Indeed, there is a woman sitting next to Lai. She is wearing a light-colored sweater, with a few strands of hair falling over her shoulders, looking gentle.On the same day, Lai hongguo attended the high school reunion in Taichung, happily showing the photos of his classmates, who were all couples and even holding a child. At first glance, lai hongguo was the only one who attended alone.He proposed to his girlfriend on the first day of the lunar New Year. How could Alice not attend the reunion with him?”The man stuck on the left” was suspected to be sitting next to his soon-to-be wife Alice.From this detail can also see that Lai Hongguo is quite protective of his fiancee’s privacy, for fear that her appearance will affect the woman’s private life after exposure.According to Taiwan media, Lai hongguo asked the media not to expose his girlfriend’s personal information and appearance after learning of the proposal.But he did not mind mentioning his two previous marriages to the media, even if it might draw negative ridicule.Many people know Lai Hongguo, because he is Gillian’s ex-husband.In 2020, they revealed that they had separated and were planning to divorce.Before Gillian, Lai Hongguo actually married once.Coincidentally, his first wife and his girlfriend are stewardesses, so it can be seen that stewardesses have a special liking to this occupation.At the beginning and Ajiao after divorce, Lai Hongguo once lost confidence in marriage, had put his life should not remarry, until he met his girlfriend Alice, just let him believe in love again, decided to renege on the road to marriage again.For Gillian, she has no other half now, will want to enjoy life first, not rush to remarry.Also bless two people well!The latest developments in the entertainment industry also include: Lu Liping and her third marriage husband celebrated the New Year in the United States!Su Yan gaunt show conjugals, Sun Haiying laughing stubbly New Year has a new happy event!71-year-old Zhang Yimou is worried about his health after his ex-husband Gillian Zhang proposed to her for the third time.Prepare for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, take medicine after the cold night rain rehearsal