Time for early retirement again?Expert: Ramos’s calf muscles have been very weak

2022-05-05 0 By

A week ago, veteran Sergio Ramos, now playing for French side Paris Saint-Germain, suffered another injury in training.Although club sources said at the time that the injury was “not serious”, the situation of the 35-year-old Spanish centre-back has not been so optimistic, with at least some experts saying he is at risk of being forced to retire.This Thursday, French newspaper Le Parisien has written a question: injury, ramos’s final?In October last year, French media reported that THE club were so unhappy with ramos’s fitness that they were reportedly considering an early release from the Spaniard.This was later contradicted by ramos and his brother (who is also his agent), who insisted his brother would not retire, and Ramos finally returned from injury at the end of November.Since then, the old centre-back has played four matches in France and once in the French Cup, receiving a red card but also scoring – including in saint-Germain’s 4-0 victory over Reims in the previous round.However, ramos was the goal hero on January 23 and by the end of January his situation had taken a turn for the worse.Following reports in the French media that the Spaniard had suffered another injury in training, it was initially suggested that he would only miss Paris’s French Cup tie against Nice on January 31, but marca has since claimed that ramos is unlikely to miss the champions League quarter-final first leg against Real Madrid in Paris on February 15.This week le Parisien went further, suggesting once again that the Spanish centre-back could retire early due to injury.The former French national team doctor, Jean-Marcel Ferre, was invited by Le Parisien to assess Ramos’s injury.According to the sports injury specialist, the Paris centre-back suffers from “old calf muscle syndrome”. “These injuries are very difficult to deal with because you can never predict how they will evolve.””It has to do with the structure of the calf muscles,” Ferre explained.You also have to take into account the aging of the muscles, and ramos has been playing at the highest level for 19 seasons, and you have to calculate how much it has weakened his muscles.”According to Ferre, the tissues in Ramos’s lower legs may have lost their flexibility, making them more vulnerable to injury.According to Le Parisien, the Spanish centre-back, despite his serious injury problems, is still “out of his game” – ramos reportedly returned to Madrid last week to attend the opening ceremony of his gym, rather than staying in France to concentrate on his recovery.