The zhangjiakou Award Plaza is undergoing the transformation of the Winter Paralympics

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The Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games will open on March 4. At the Awarding Square in Zhangjiakou, the transformation of the Paralympic landscape, guiding signs and barrier-free facilities is underway.In the awarding square of Zhangjiakou, located in taizicheng ice and snow town, a flag bearing the emblem of the Beijing Winter Paralympics was slowly raised.The logo in the square area has also been changed from the Winter Olympics to the Winter Paralympics, and “Ice Dwen Dwen” has been replaced with “Snow Rong Rong” in all areas involving the Olympic landscape.Reporter Yang Hailing: On the awarding stage of the awarding square, the etiquette team is refining, polishing and practicing the awarding process of the Winter Paralympic Games.In particular, the podiums also undergo a transformation of the winter Paralympic facilities.A ramp was set up so that the winning athletes in wheelchairs could walk smoothly on stage to receive their awards.While there is no change in the award process for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, there are big differences in service details.The operation team not only added barrier-free ramps to the podium, but also modified the vehicles for picking up and picking up athletes, making it more convenient for disabled athletes to travel.Zhangjiakou Paralympic Winter Games will run from March 6 to 12, awarding ceremonies will be held every day, ranging from 6 to 10, a total of 44 games in seven days.In the face of the dense number of awards, the operation team will also carry out electricity, technology and network inspections to ensure that the operation status of the Winter Paralympic Games will be changed on time and athletes’ highlight time will be guaranteed.Gao Tian, Deputy Director of cultural Activities Department of BoCOG, Venue Director of Zhangjiakou Award Plaza: During the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games, there was an award ceremony for 49 events in Zhangjiakou. Every ceremony was accurate, wonderful and zero mistakes.At present, we have entered the winter Paralympic Games transition period, all the preparatory work is in an orderly way.The image landscape has been transformed, accessibility facilities are being improved, and we have optimized the partition of the audience.The awarding schedule and ceremony drills are going on in a planned way. During the Winter Paralympic Games, the awarding ceremony will be held for 44 Winter Paralympic events in Zhangjiakou area to pay tribute to our winter Paralympic athletes and make the awarding ceremony of the two Games equally wonderful.