School play ceiling!”I want to do brothers with you” Chen Yu Wei new play started, crazy knock brother CP

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I just finished watching 6 episodes of “I Want to Be Your Brother”. Although it is the same universe with “Be Friends”, in fact, it has different styles and themes.From the point of view of content, although the overall comedy style is still throughout, but in fact, the story of the protagonist is unfortunate starting point.The Gao Yang that lacks maternal love as a child runs to Beijing for many times to find mother, Ye Xiaowen is looking for his home all the time, gold Beibei is faced with the problem of 2 children in the home, the relation of Gao Bin and son that becomes father and mother again is in a mess…The drama presents the main characters’ problems to the audience in a humorous way.The character’s self-reconciliation and reconciliation with others is what the whole play wants to discuss with everyone.In contrast to Be Friends, the mother-daughter reconciliation is the main part of the whole play, while the boys on the way of the two girls’ growth are branches and leaves.In addition to the mother and daughter reconciliation moved, each cp is also full of highlights.This kind of plot setting is relatively easy.Therefore, one is the realistic youth family type, and the other is the pure campus love type.The two genres are completely different directions and bring different viewing experiences to everyone.Also, I guess the emotional path of the characters in “Brothers” must have been accumulated.Gao Yang and Ye Xiaowen know each other, relative, know each other, love each other (brotherhood), is the whole play worth pondering.Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.However, the emotional mode of “Be Friends” is another kind. The love that runs through the northeast White moonlight section and the selfless love of Chen Junhe, the school bully, is also very popular with the audience.So when you watch “I Want to Be Your Brother,” you can take these ideas into consideration.Finally, praise the production of this play, full of sincerity, whether it is art, props, costumes or color, the crew have been careful.# one person a meal drama recommendation ## Film and TV chat #