Revelation!Why did the flag-bearer play bare-chested on a cold day?

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At the opening ceremonies of recent Olympics, a muscular, handsome, shirtless, oiled figure has been one of the hottest topics of the day, appearing in the athletes’ parade.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was no exception.The difference is that American Samoa’s flag bearer has been replaced by the familiar “tongan boy” at the opening ceremony.Nathan Krupton, American Samoa’s flag bearer, braved the cold and greasered during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.According to media reports, the Athlete from American Samoa is Nathan Krupton, a skeleton bobsledder.Like “Tongan boy” Peeta Taufatofa, he is an Olympic “interseason runner” who competed in the 100-meter dash in Tokyo just six months ago.Nathan Krupton, a Pacific island man, was shirtless during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, raising concerns about his ability to withstand the minus 3 c temperatures on a chilly night in the Chinese capital.In fact, the tongan boy had already cooled down once before, at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, where the temperature was -7C.The flag-bearer for vanuatu, another Pacific island nation, appeared in the same image at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games in the summer of 2021.Why are athletes in the Pacific Islands so keen on “oiling”?Is it “cold coated wax”?On the evening of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Beijing Daily asked He Yang, secretary of ambassador of tonga embassy in China.”The people of the South Pacific islands can sing and dance.In these countries, men perform wardances and other shows by coating their bodies with coconut oil, which is abundant in the Pacific Islands, to reflect their power and virility.Women wear it when they perform cabaret.”Yang said.He Yang said another important reason is that the grease is used to paste paper money.In south Pacific island countries, people paste paper money on the performers during a cabaret show to show their affection and recognition of their show.For these reasons, and especially for the second, people in south Pacific island countries are said to slather as much coconut oil as possible on their bodies during performances in order to keep as much paper money as possible.He Yang told the reporter that in 2019, tongan students danced in a celebration held by the Tongan Embassy in Beijing.(Original title: “Revealed! Why does the flag-bearer wear oil when he plays shirtless on a cold day?”.Editor Ying Chen)