Laiwu private high school which good let each arts examinee potential into reality of the college entrance examination results

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For high school math teaching for the college entrance examination, both students and parents to it had such great hope, in fact, the choice is as important as hard, choose a good laiwu private schools run by the local high school, choose excellent teachers working with a group of friend, on the path to the ideal college is more powerful, more secure.
The common problems of high school examinees are that cultural knowledge is not systematic, foundation is not solid, time is not enough, and practice is not in place.Laiwu private high school teachers will pay attention to the basics, strengthen the test points, key points, combine teaching and practice, put the knowledge into place, and constantly strengthen the students’ psychological quality in the teaching process, so that each student’s potential into the reality of the college entrance examination results.One round of review to consolidate the foundation, two rounds of review exercises, three rounds of simulated college entrance examination.Regular testing, with the classroom test, weekly test, monthly test, college entrance examination, check out every knowledge blind spot of students, timely follow-up guidance to improve.Laiwu private high school has a complete management system.Each class is equipped with a full-time homeroom teacher to supervise learning and check homework.The teacher will keep abreast of the students’ learning and solve their problems.Will also communicate with parents in a timely manner, so that parents timely understand the progress and shortcomings of students.For students who can’t keep up with the classroom, the school will arrange tutors for free extra lessons, always adhere to a belief, one can not be less, truly achieve “zero mobile phone learning school”, for efficient learning to create a good environment.When high school students enter the critical period of college entrance examination, their learning time is more tense, their learning tasks are more onerous, and their psychological fluctuations are relatively large. Many students are far away from physical exercise and drag their tired bodies to study every day.Laiwu private high school will incorporate physical exercise into the teaching system, and arrange a happy fitness class for students every week. Students can freely exercise and have fun in the gym.There will also be fun activities once or twice a week, and students will be rewarded.Let students recharge quickly, keep a positive and happy state of mind to learn, so as to achieve the learning effect of less effort.