I believe that the more efforts the more lucky, keep the cloud to see the moon, sooner or later through interest certification plus V

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For ordinary we-media creators, it is really sad to add V, and some people succeed in adding V, easy to add a robe, ideal is very happy, the reality is very cruel.Ordinary people who want to improve themselves through their own efforts (through interest certification, answering questions, continuous contribution to add V) difficult …………What is the standard of quality?What are the conditions for opening interest plus V?After passing the level of quality answer, you should continue to contribute to the vertical field for at least a few months, at least a month, at most one to two years. What is the standard of quality answer on earth?How can I successfully add v to my interest certification through continuous contribution?I have no idea.What we can do is to adapt to it, abide by its platform rules, the iron also need their own hard;Only by their own ability, efforts and endurance, I believe that the more efforts, the more lucky, keep the clouds open to see the moon, sooner or later, the success of interest certification plus V.Do not give up, do not abandon, we are together, hand in hand, victory plus the dawn of V has been near the front.