Gu Ailing too warm heart!Consoling the competition encouraged the French young player, lifting the golden ice dun Dun smile

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China’s Gu Ailing made history by winning the women’s freestyle platform on Feb 8, 2022, beating France’s Tess with her final jump.Ludde, who won gold with 188.25 points, and France’s Tess.Ruder won the silver medal, while Gremaud, the world’s no. 1 from Switzerland, took the bronze medal. After many twists and turns in the competition, Gu Ailing succeeded in breaking through herself to create a miracle.The women’s big jump in freestyle skiing is not Gu’s main event. Her strongest competition is the women’s halfpipe, followed by slopestyle, and finally the big jump, whether it is Graymode or Tess.After the first two jumps, Gu Ailing scored 93.75 points and 88.50 points, ranking the third among all competitors. Tess.Luddite first.In the final round, Gu broke out and scored 94.50 points, edging Out Tess by 0.75 points.Ruder won the gold medal, which was gu Ailing’s first gold medal in the Winter Olympic Games. She created a new history and won the third gold medal for The Chinese Team in the Winter Olympic Games. Gu Ailing cried after the race.Gu Ailing after the game to make warm heart move, take the initiative to comfort rival Tess.After ruder and Gremaud won the gold medal, Gu Broke into tears. Bach, who was watching the competition, also congratulated Gu for winning the gold medal in the Winter Olympics. For Both Gu and the Chinese team, this gold medal is very precious.One thing worth mentioning, Tess.Ruder’s father died a month ago, gu Ailing learned of this situation and took the initiative to comfort her, hoping to bring her more encouragement. Competitive sports is so cruel, everyone speaks by strength, and there is only one champion in the end.She smiles as he raised his own limited edition gold ice mound mound, get the champion of the women’s big platform does not make GuAiLing pride, because she know if there are more challenges to follow behind, especially women’s slope surface barrier technique, Estonia star hilda is the number one competitor, also let us continue to expect GuAiLing performance, hope she can record.After Gu’s victory, China rose to the top of the gold medal table with three gold MEDALS and two silver MEDALS. Such a commendable performance, considering that wu Dajing was the only one to win the men’s 500-meter short-track speed skating event at the last Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.