Between Wuhan and Hubei, this “hundred billion avenue” has been fully connected

2022-05-05 0 By

On February 9, an aerial shot was taken of the three roads in the future.A few days ago, the future three roads connecting Wuhan and Ezhou have been completed, ready for traffic conditions, during the Spring Festival opened for car passage for trial operation.It is reported that in the future, the three roads will also carry out auxiliary facilities construction and road testing, after the completion of the acceptance work officially opened to traffic.The Future Three Road is a main road connecting Wuhan Future City and Ezhou Honglianhu Big Data Industrial Park. Along the road, strategic emerging industries with a total investment of more than 400 billion yuan, such as Huaxing Optoelectronics and Tianma Microelectronics, are distributed, and it is one of the three “Hundred billion Roads” that China Optical Valley focuses on building.Previously, due to the barrier of Daijia Mountain, the distance between the two ends was only 1.12 kilometers, which became a “dead end road” hindering the industrial and economic integration development of Wuhan and Hubei.(Hubei Daily full media reporter Xue Ting correspondent Tong Xie Fan)