Yang Zi Xiao zhan to be broadcast drama “the rest of my life” renamed, suspected of success, the new name slightly rustic

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On the evening of January 27, Youyu Ji shared a new update of xiao Zhan and Yang Zi’s new TV drama “Please Advise me for the Rest of my Life” on his personal social media platform, which triggered a hot discussion among netizens.”The Rest of My Life,” which has been renamed “Wonderful Happiness,” will air in the first half of 2022, but the exact date has not been set yet, and it will be broadcast on satellite TV and online platforms, according to the entertainment Magazine.Naturally, fans are thrilled by the news, but the new name is a bit tacky.”The rest of my life, please tell me more” gives people a lot of space can be imagined, but “happy Happiness” but let a person feel like a local drama, the text is too straightforward, and the two leading Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan temperament is obviously inconsistent.”The rest of my life, please advise” is actually quite “sad”, from the completion of the filming will encounter all kinds of storm influence.The drama finished in late 2019, when Yang Zi had already established herself in the film and television industry. There were a number of previous films and TV dramas that were among the most popular among the newcomers.Xiao Zhan, the leading actor, has just become famous overnight because of his role in Chen Qing Ling.Hot floret with top flow of young idol drama, naturally triggered audience expectations.After the closing, it is directly booked “explosive money”.However, the higher the expectation of fans, the greater the disappointment value. The emergence of “227 Incident” changed everything. At that time, Xiao Zhan’s reputation suddenly “fell to the bottom”, and the popularity of passerby was even worse.As a result, “The Rest of My Life,” which had been expected to air in 2020, has been delayed.In this way, it took more than a year until Xiao zhan’s popularity warmed up. The rest of My Life was officially announced to be aired on Hunan TV on September 8.Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan, the two leading actors of “The Rest of My Life”, shared the news on their personal social media accounts to promote the drama.And in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan’s official propaganda case is very careful, and did not in the article the name of the other side, obviously a lot of space can be hyped.It can be seen that the two are deliberately avoiding suspicion, is to hope that “The rest of my Life” can be smoothly broadcast.However, despite all the careful preparations, “The Rest of My Life” was eventually canceled before it could air.On the afternoon of September 5, 2021, Hunan SATELLITE TV suddenly announced in its official blog that the broadcast of “Please Advise me for the Rest of my Life” would be suspended due to the adjustment of channel scheduling.As for the follow-up broadcast, Hunan SATELLITE TV did not give a specific time.I have to say, “The Rest of My Life” is really hard, and so are the two main actors. It’s not fair for actors to have a good show that is simply influenced by external factors, which leads to lower expectations on the Internet after many disappointing expectations.Now that “The Rest of My Life” has been renamed, and is still so rustic, it will probably lose some audience expectations.And the current situation of the two main actors is not clear, Xiao Zhan recently because of being pulled into the “sword network 3” storm caused fans and netizens opposition, Yang Zi because of cooperation with “bad artists” and lead to the broadcast of the drama can not be broadcast, it can be described as “real tragic”.Finally, although the news released by Entertainment records is still to be verified, it is still hoped that it can come true. Wish “The Rest of my life” can be broadcast as soon as possible, or it may really become a “bad drama”.