Thoughts at Night (Original essay)

2022-05-04 0 By

Silent night without sleep, leaning on the window, looking at the stars in the sky, trying to find your traces.Accustomed to the silent night of missing, greeted the grass and trees, at the moment are transformed into your shadow.Swirling thoughts, as snowflakes drifting in the wind, or gentle, or violent, attack wrapped in the yearning bubbling swirl.A person’s quiet, not lonely, just obsessed with such meditation.Do you know that thinking of you so quietly is also an unspeakable happiness?A piece of butterfly in zheng string euphemistic flowing, heart suddenly rise a kind of impulse, why not crush a cavity tenderness, twittering fu into poetry.Shallow tender dancing into your heart, really want to know if there is me in your heart.Such a quiet night will you also love?Maybe it has always been my unrequited love, your eyes may have no shadow of me.Even if love wishful thinking, this life I still have no regrets!In the darkness of night, still awake, he stood still in one position, making himself a statue.I do not know when the snow, like a butterfly only flying, dancing in the street light.Calm as if to stop beating, frost hair next face wrinkles, overlapping traces of years.On the glass window gradually evenly open your smiling face, even if the dream also let me sink all the time!Often, to your love can not let go, put together a rusty color of the text, slowly out of the finger, perhaps this is the best dream to return to!