The war between China and Vietnam proved three things: Stanley Wang is really no good, the first problem is big, Li Xiaopeng is temporary

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In this game, Wang returned to the position of full-back, which was evident against Japan that he was no longer suitable for the defence. Attempts to play him in the middle of the back did not work, and the full-back was often out of position.In the first half of the two goals, if the second one is the responsibility of many people, then the first one is obviously the result of not looking at the ball and not marking the man closely, he should bear certain responsibility.The left back should be thinking about changing someone, and if it goes wrong too many times, there should be no trial and error.From the team sheet, lei, Alan and national wealth of the trident combination, obviously want to storm the Vietnam team, but the thoughtless is our fundamental technology and speed than at the foot of the Vietnam team, lei one-to-one fundamental issues, plus Alan and lack of national wealth system training, often feet have no root, this combination is very failure, always play on the cotton feel his fist.Zhang Yuning was put on the bench is a complete mistake, from the second half of his appearance after the effect can be seen, someone in front of the ball should be able to play, with Wu Lei was substituted, the preparation of the front line combination completely self-denial.From the score to the scene, really can not let a person feel satisfied, on the first day of the Chinese New Year to see the national football team is really bold, are saying that can not add to the obstruction, but really can not do ah.Gradually understand the FOOTBALL association until today has not announced the contract period of Li Xiaopeng, because at any time may be dismissed, is a temporary head coach.