Rich and layered, the application of nanosecond laser in jewelry processing

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In ancient times, cavemen had a wide range of decorations, from perforated animal bones and shells to small colored stones, which were used to show off their power or differentiate their status.After thousands of years of continuous evolution, as well as the continuous improvement of the production process, the materials of today’s decorations gradually become a variety of precious metals, gems, pearls, jadeite, etc., and the style is more diversified, and with high-end attributes, become people’s favorite jewelry.Until today, the emergence and popularization of laser processing technology has provided more ideas for the processing of jewelry and endowed them with more value and significance.Through laser engraving and laser marking, functional markers, style information, material description and other elements are attached to the surface of jewelry. Even through customized graphic information, a piece of jewelry becomes a unique customized product for customers, which further enhances the added value of jewelry.Therefore, laser processing technology has become an important choice for many jewelers in the current processing and decoration technology.The industrial-grade nanosecond solid laser developed and designed by NAVE optoelectronics is a reliable choice for laser engraving and laser marking of jewelry with high efficiency and high phase processing effect.The output of 355nm UV laser, most of the materials on the wavelength of the light absorption rate is high, so can be processed materials are very wide, jewelry jewelry involved in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and gemstones, pearls, jade, jade and other hard brittle materials need more 355nm laser such as the “cold light”;Excellent beam quality (M2 < 1.2), the spot diameter after focusing is micron level, combined with a very small pulse width (< 20ns@50kHz), the processing heat affected zone is very small, the marking effect is delicate, and the hard and brittle materials are not easy to produce micro cracks and affect the quality of jewelry.Not only that, compared with the traditional cutter or bit characterization technology, laser processing integrated optical system and work station, tie-in workbench, integrated optical components, depict very fast speed, shorten the processing time of a single product, indirectly bring greater benefits for the enterprise, whether it's for the ring to make it unique, carving or bracelet to add special characters,Or the hidden corners are also marked with special anti-counterfeiting effects, fast and easy, bringing infinite possibilities of carving various shapes, words, textures and labels.The combination of natural gem and human superb craftsmanship is enough to make the high-end jewelry amazing. Now with the help of industrial nanosecond solid laser, on the one hand, the unlimited design freedom and possibilities bring more creative inspiration for jewelry designers.On the one hand, the fine machining precision brings more rich and hierarchical effect for jewelry.