Onmyoji: 2022 Kirin high-scoring team, the necessary recommended team for scoring

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And the beginning of your acquaintance, like an old friend.Hi, I’m your old friend, Onmyoji player half side.Preface:Onmyoji Monday to Thursday, a copy of the ghost king hunting, namely the kirin dungeon mouth, the top three can get 70 MEDALS, it is a temptation to some players but not small, sometimes a whole black eggs, this is every player can’t resist, the article is in six star kirin, for example, on Monday, Wednesday’s fire kirin kirin with water velocity is 220,Tuesday’s wind Kirin speed of 240 was the fastest of all, while Thursday’s thunder Kirin speed was 210.The sacrificial flow of the sequence:The squad to adapt to the sequence of giant guy sprout new more Lao Lao, a speed bulk, speed of attack against indra day, 2nd stage were the lucky woman, require a speed and 2 speed is greater than the speed of the kirin, so were the female initiates a soul no. 4 and 6 bits with can casually, as long as guarantee the speed don’t pull down, little sunny skills with star and shield, SP yue pill on Monday to Thursday with crazy bone skeleton, Tuesday, Wednesday with crazy bone soil spider,Hex can open all the way, the royal soul position for tapping tapping crit damage, then there’s the boy painted Buddha earthquake catfish SP wine, cape attack, tail speed sea moon jade fire apply the lad, the lower the health requirements, the better, indra day and Scorpio girl, apply the lad is prepared to sacrifice, don’t make too much meat, so life start Scorpio girl hang hex, indra days hang two skills,Otherwise, sacrifice is too much work.Thousand tight surface flow velocity tight that ronaldo, Thursday crazy bone skeleton, the other day crazy bone soil spiders, 2 speed with Buddha tapping tapping crit qian ji, the faster speed than kirin, and then the little sunny brought star shield, little sunny mainly play the animation is faster, so is quite popular among players, then crazy bone skeleton attack attack suddenly and violently indra day, fire spirit 3 bonus to attack position were the female,Tail speed sea moon fire jade attack attack attack damage SP face reiki, this plastic surgery for the very low squatter quoted, after all, squatter in the big guy.A thousand bellies in the plebs:This is me the salted fish with one of the common cast of Lao, a speed freak bone attack suddenly and violently qian ji, were the lucky women pile on attack directly achievement by the way, god plutus edge, the Buddha abs, wild bone soil core output as spider that luo, qian ji fold after five layers buff abs again put a snake, which is the key, I was used to edge mark tight junction god that luo, the squad is very much,For civilian players in the Lao should be able to match this lineup, I do a few living Lao, every time play Kirin are two to three people with this lineup, about five minutes can be done, more people will be faster to end.From swallow swallow flow is enduring a genre, why not for me, so to speak, because if you draw these type god, estimates that will stick with this squad, rarely true love except powder, core is let’s fire attack output hellspawn action for many times, such as wine or lad to tianjin’s day, most of the soil is a speed freak bone spider ugly, also have skeletons wear shortage,I do not know the fire with more recently painted Buddha, fortune edge knot god, double wine swallowing, wine swallowing really want to see the face, after all, fold beans sometimes really can put people to death, sometimes kylin dozen general blood to go down, but found beans still full.Conclusion: refugees squad like pepper figure ghost cut these counter flow output is no mention of this time, after all, this period is for the sake of speed, if you really can’t these requirements, the simplest way is to bosses to output, himself a drink soup, wait until their practice degree enough time to grab their own damage, if you have a better squad leaders welcome comment area are discussed.I am a half side, ask for praise, ask for attention, ask for forwarding, thank you big guys watch, wish everyone thick hair.May you live long, my friend.