Liu Guozhong stressed at the provincial meeting on the prevention and control of the epidemic, which was presided over by Zhao Yide

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On January 26, xi ‘an held a meeting on the prevention and control of the epidemic.Provincial Party Secretary Liu Guozhong attended the meeting and spoke.He stressed that to thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary of the epidemic prevention and control work the important instructions of important instruction spirit, firmly implement the “rebound against input, inside outside” total strategy, “dynamic reset” general policy, the mind is not loose, no less, go all out on the normalized epidemic prevention and control work, resolutely defend and expand the prevention and control of hard-won achievements.Governor Zhao Yide presided over the meeting.Provincial Party Committee standing Committee Wang Xiao, Fang Hongwei, Vice governor Xu Datong attended.Provincial Party Committee standing Committee Zhao Gang, Xi ‘an Mayor Li Mingyuan attended the meeting in the venue.Vice Governor Fang Guanghua briefed the provincial epidemic prevention and control work.Liu guozhong pointed out that since the outbreak of this round of COVID-19, under the kind care of the General Secretary and the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, all the people in the province have braced together and fought bravely, and pushed the whole province to lower the risk.At present, the number of people returning home during the Spring Festival has increased, and the liquidity of resuming work and production has increased. The pressure of preventing import and rebound is still great.We should always keep a clear head, view the epidemic prevention and control from a political and overall perspective, implement all established prevention and control measures to the letter, better coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, and create a good environment for protecting people’s health and writing a new chapter of high-quality development in Shaanxi.Liu guozhong stressed that we should be careful at the beginning and the end, focus on key groups, institutions, places and links, carefully treat patients in hospitals, continue to strengthen the prevention and control of hospital infection, centralized isolation point management and health monitoring of high-risk posts, carry out environmental eradication in a scientific and standardized manner, adhere to the requirements of temperature measurement and code scanning in public places, etc.People should be encouraged to take protective measures, such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, gathering less frequently, providing regular ventilation and one-meter noodles, to resolutely prevent a rebound of the epidemic.We need to guard the entry routes into Shaanxi, such as “two stops and one stop” and national and provincial roads. We need to conduct thorough inspection and management of people arriving and returning to Shaanxi from medium – and high-risk areas and those returning after the period of entry quarantine. We need to do a good job in the inspection and disinfection of cold-chain food and international postal parcels, and strengthen every line of defense against imported goods.Liu guozhong stressed that the resumption of work and production should be steadily promoted, the policy of assisting enterprises to stabilize employment should be implemented, the guarantee of production factors should be strengthened, industrial enterprises should be supported to achieve production and efficiency, and the service industry should be restored in an orderly manner. Key projects should be launched as soon as possible, and work safety should be earnestly implemented, and all work should be rushed forward.We need to make unremitting efforts to improve the “standing, professional and efficient” command system and keep it active. We need to improve the multi-point trigger mechanism, strengthen the reserve of capacity for flow control, detection, transport, isolation and treatment, and carry out contingency plans and drills to enhance our capacity for early detection and quick response to the epidemic.Party committees and governments at all levels should strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen the grid management of communities (villages), delegate responsibilities to posts and tasks to people, find out the bottom line, plug up loopholes, and make up for weak links, so as to ensure solid foundation work and good grassroots work.Zhao Yide stressed that to firm the confidence, keep fit and succeeded, to supplement the short board weaknesses, improve emergency command ability, basic ability, plan ability to execute, nucleic acid detection and flow ability, prevention and control workers and medical personnel professional ability, ability to isolated point management services, health care and life service, propaganda guidance,We will strictly and precisely implement measures to prevent imported cases and rebound at home, steadily advance resumption of work and production, and coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development.The conference will be held by video conference.The provincial departments concerned are mainly responsible for the meeting in the main venue.Leaders of all cities and counties attended the meeting at the branch venue.