Hanyu Yuzuru 4A has not yet been officially certified, and Japanese media listed the reasons why it was a success to try

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Yuzuru Hanyu was once again in the spotlight at the Winter Olympics as he made a valiant attempt at the 4A routine but went wrong.As for Hanyu’s move, according to the latest interpretation, it has not been approved by the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation, because not only the landing error, but also the lack of weeks, which is also a big impact.A second straight Olympic title was already a success for Hanyu, who stumbled in the short program in Beijing and was 18 points behind the leader.Under such circumstances, Yuzuru Hanyu had to try more difficult moves in the free skating competition, which he had been practicing in 4A and actually used in the competition.In the free skating competition, the competition was very fierce. Yuzuru Hanyu used the 4A routine at the beginning, but he made a mistake when landing and failed.Although there were two falls, his final score was not low, which can be seen that Hanyu’s difficult movements, and his overall completion, is also good.Unfortunately, he didn’t win the medal.Dares to challenge their own limits, this is the stage of the strong, and determination of feather raw strings of the 4 a movement, a famous journalist Mr Zhou also to understand the reading, now on the international HuaLian certification feather raw string 4 a message is not accurate, is actually a formal contest for the first time someone technically to declare this movement, the international HuaLian just decided to declare.Yuzuru Hanyu’s courage is commendable, but his movement did not succeed, the landing error.In addition, Zhou Chao also mentioned that Japanese media reports pointed out that Hanyu’s rotation circle is also insufficient, 180 to 90 degrees less, which also shows that this move is too difficult. It is worth looking forward to whether Hanyu can successfully challenge in official competitions in the future.