Guangxi finance department rerecruited to increase the regional policy of agricultural insurance support policy

2022-05-04 0 By

Recently, the Finance Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued a Notice on carrying out the Work of Policy-based Agricultural Insurance in 2022, clarifying the support policies of policy-based agricultural insurance in the region and putting forward higher requirements for agricultural insurance work.Compared with previous years, the policy of agricultural insurance in 2022 has changed greatly, creating a new stage for the high-quality development of agricultural insurance in Guangxi.First, the central government should increase support for planting insurance subsidies.The proportion of central government subsidies for planting insurance varieties increased from 40 percent in previous years to 45 percent.According to the preliminary calculation of insured area in 2021, this alone will reduce the financial burden of the whole region by 30 million yuan.As the insurance coverage of the planting industry is gradually expanded, the policy will reduce more expenditure burden for Guangxi.Second, we added three insurance products to the scope of subsidies provided by the central government.In collaboration with relevant departments, three insurance products, namely walnut, camellia oil and Macadamia nut, have been introduced, and all have been included in the scope of subsidies from the central government.The crops mentioned above belong to the local advantages and characteristics of guangxi agricultural industry category, the development of related insurance is conducive to providing good risk protection for farmers in guangxi, boosting the high-quality development of guangxi characteristic agricultural industry.The third is to improve the part of the breeding insurance varieties of support.We increased support for pig insurance and dairy cow insurance, and reduced the proportion of county-level government funding for these types of insurance from 10% to 5%, thus significantly reducing the pressure on county-level government expenditure.Considering the heavy financial burden of county level in the whole region, this move will effectively improve the enthusiasm of grassroots governments to promote pig insurance and cow insurance, so that policy-based agricultural insurance benefits more farmers.Fourth, we will clarify provisions on agricultural insurance to help rural revitalization.In order to strengthen agricultural insurance and boost rural revitalization, the Finance Department of the Autonomous Region reduced the proportion of central financial subsidy insurance for 44 key counties in the region by 5 percentage points, and the part of the reduction will be borne by the finance of the autonomous region.As a result of the adjustment, key counties in the region’s rural revitalization will no longer have to bear premiums for rice, rice seed production, dairy cows, fertile sows and fattening pigs, effectively helping these counties and districts carry out agricultural insurance work.According to preliminary statistics, Guangxi was the first province or autonomous region to define the policy of rural revitalization assisted by agricultural insurance, and its level of support ranks among the top in China.Fifth, we will further expand the coverage of agricultural insurance.On the basis of summing up the experience in determining losses and settling claims of agricultural insurance, we will work with relevant departments to make careful studies and repeated investigations, and include wildlife damage, drought and other situations into the scope of liability of agricultural insurance, so as to effectively improve the protection level.Sixth, we will improve the way of settling agricultural insurance premium subsidies.Entrust a third-party technology company to develop an agricultural insurance premium subsidy and business management system through public bidding.After the trial operation of the system, Guangxi will officially adjust the settlement of agricultural insurance premium subsidy funds to online in 2022.This not only helps to improve the accuracy of settlement data, but also helps to reduce the settlement workload of city and county departments and insurance companies, freeing up more time for grassroots to study and promote agricultural insurance work, which is advanced in the country.Editor: Jiang Yuanjiang