From tomorrow on, watch for three hours!These highways will see peak return trips

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As the Spring Festival holiday comes to an end, provincial roads, expressways and main urban streets in neighboring countries of Harbin will face the return peak. Combining with the return traffic rules in previous years and the traffic and weather conditions of this year, the traffic police department issued a return travel warning.Travel plans actively cooperate with reasonable planning and epidemic prevention work Combined with the usual home rule, Harbin the in and out of where, GuoShengDao, highway will be the fifth (5 February) in first travel peak of 9 to 12 in the people (6), 14 to 17, and three in the morning of the seventh (7) travel time is relatively concentrated, return will peak.At that time, the traffic flow of Hattong Expressway, He-Ha Expressway, Ha-Da Expressway, Airport expressway, Huancheng Expressway, Xianfeng Road, Changjiang Road, Haping Road, Xuefu Road, Chemical Industry Road, Cheng-cheng Road, Jinxiang Street, Tongxiang Street, Songbei Road, Songhua River Highway Bridge, Yangmingtan Bridge, Songpu Bridge and other sections will increase significantly.In this regard, the traffic police department will strengthen police deployment, strengthen traffic dredging.Returning citizens are advised to plan their travel time and route in advance from the perspective of safety and efficiency, avoid peak travel hours as far as possible, and choose early morning trips to improve traffic efficiency.Early focus on travel information to keep good state of mind Before a trip, a driver should learn along the way, the weather, road conditions, and disease prevention and control measures and other relevant information, travel plans in advance, way GuoShengDao, counties and townships, such as roads, pay attention to the shadow, snow and ice road, slow down in advance, and look at the side of the road, accidents and other traffic signs of speed limit, as far as possible to avoid travel at night.In addition, according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the public will cooperate with the travel code check and other work, and there was a short time of traffic gathering in the surrounding roads.Drivers and passengers are requested to prepare materials for inspection in advance and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work.When the queue distance is long, the majority of drivers should wait patiently, safe and civilized travel.On the way back, we should do the following: first, the vehicle “physical examination”, so as to be well prepared.Before returning, check tires, brakes, lights, steering, glass water and other components in advance to ensure that they are in good condition, and take tripod, jack, spare tire, fire extinguisher and other tools with you to ensure that you are prepared.Second, energetic, alert to fatigue driving.Medium and long distance self-drive travel, we should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, before departure, to ensure enough sleep time, try to avoid driving at night, driving for 4 hours, stop to rest for no less than 20 minutes.If you feel sleepy or slow to react, you should drive into the service area and other safe areas to have a rest.Three, safe travel, abandon traffic violations.Holiday travel demand, driving should consciously put an end to illegal stop, congestion, arbitrary lane change, speeding, red light and other traffic violations, reduce the risk of accidents and hidden dangers.Take bus travel, to choose regular operation vehicles, resolutely resist overmanned buses, do not take “black car”.When taking buses, drivers and passengers should fasten their seat belts to ensure the safety of the journey.Four, law-abiding travel, do not take it lightly.During holidays, the number of parties increases, drivers should not drink driving, especially “overnight drunk driving” and other illegal, should always be vigilant, friends and relatives to prompt in real time.At the same time, vehicles can not be freely lent without a license, drinking personnel, so as not to induce all kinds of traffic accidents.Five, watch out and drive carefully in the countryside.During the Spring Festival, the flow of rural areas to the home is more, the vehicle through the county and township road, to strictly control the speed, especially in the level intersection, sharp curve steep slope, water cliff section, to watch, slow down, not forced overtaking, forced meeting.Six, accident fast place, prevent second accident.In highway, national and provincial road traffic accident, to keep in mind the “car pull over, people evacuated, namely alarm” safety common sense, timely open danger alarm flash, and in the direction of the car 150 meters away from the triangle warning board, the vehicle personnel quickly transferred to a safe place, prevent the occurrence of two accidents.Source: Aurora News Northeast network editor: Jia Xinyu Audit: Dai Baozhu supervisor: Wang Pengcheng