Emergency spread!Shandong 1 ground contacts have been to the supermarket, bathhouse, attended the wedding banquet, had cross-city activities

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At 16:08 on February 18, 2022, the County CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pushed the national epidemic data, indicating that Liu, a county resident, was in close contact with the train of a confirmed CASE of COVID-19. Liu was immediately transferred.At present, the close contact and the identified secondary contacts have been quarantined for medical observation. Nucleic acid test results are negative, and there are no symptoms at present.In order to prevent and control the epidemic in our county, liu xx’s main activities in our county are announced as follows: On February 10, she returned to Juye by private car from Jining at 13:30, went shopping at the bottom floor of Jiahu Supermarket (central store) in Juye County at 14:39, went shopping at the watch area on the first floor of Jiahu Supermarket at 15:00, and left at 15:20 due to lack of suitable items.After leaving, ride shared bikes to the West Railway Station, get into the station at 16:40, wait for the train at the platform for 10 minutes, get on the bus at 16:50 and return to Liulin, arrive home at 18:00 and do not go out again.February 11:17:00 to take a bath in Yanglou bathhouse, 18:30 back home.February 14:11:30 to Liulin Cunsheng Hotel to attend the wedding banquet, around 13:00 after the banquet returned home, did not go out again.February 17:19:15 to Liulin beyond Internet bar, leave 00:05 on 18th.For those who did not go out in public during the rest of the period, those who may have been in contact with the close contact or whose trajectory overlapted with that of the close contact at the above time and place should report their personal information to local towns, streets, villages or work units immediately, conduct self-health monitoring at home, and actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing to implement epidemic prevention and control measures.If concealing relevant contact results in the spread of the epidemic or other adverse consequences, the authorities will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law.Juye County Center for Disease Control and Prevention February 19, 2022