0.34 seconds to kill!In men’s 1500m speed skating, Nusi broke the Olympic record and Ning Zhongyan ranked 7th

2022-05-04 0 By

Beijing time on February 8, 2022 winter Olympic Games men’s speed skating 1500 meters finals as planned, the final fight is immortal, meet more strong, in the game, the two players successively broke the Olympic record, eventually the new harvest champion, and on behalf of the Chinese battle NingZhongYan, eventually ranked seventh, failed to achieve the goal of getting a medal.The first half of the field, the players play average, no surprises.Group 10, Thomas Krul, the Dutchman clocked 1 minute 43.55 seconds, breaking the previous Olympic record.Didn’t think, just a few minutes, 11 set of Newcastle in the Netherlands and South Korea Jin Min tin, result this 2 people chasing each other, the results of the previous record by 0.34 seconds, in the end Newcastle, with 1 minute 43 seconds 21 first crossed the finish line, the result also, surpassing the previous record compatriots grams of ruhr keep and dead.I have to say, it was an absolute miracle that the Olympic record was broken twice in less than five minutes.This also lets us look forward to the next American players Mandia and Ning Zhongyan.Unfortunately, Mandia’s performance was mediocre, with a time of 1:45.26, and finally not in the top three, while ning Zhongyan, the penultimate group of the competition, skated out of 1:45.28, also not in the top three, and finally the Dutch player Neussi, with a perfect performance, won the gold medal of men’s 1500 speed skating at this Winter Olympics.Unlike short track speed skating, speed skating is not so controversial, there is almost no physical contact between the skaters, whoever is the fastest is the winner, watching the whole race, Newth definitely deserved to win, congratulations