The development of ice and Snow Sports in northwest China

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In China, as the “Winter Olympics time” begins, from the south of the makeup jade build, to the north of the snow and ice, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games not only brings a “feast” of sports, but also quietly become one of the high-speed rotor to promote economic and social development.Since Beijing won the bid for the Winter Olympic Games, ice and snow sports have made great strides in China. “South exhibition, west expansion, east expansion”, has gradually been from small to the masses, from winter to the four seasons.Members of the cross-country skiing and biathlon training team prepare for the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games for their final sprints recently at the Baiyin National Snowsports training base in western China’s Gansu Province.Cross-country skier Wang Chenyang, who participated in the Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang, said the base’s hardware facilities and logistics are up to international competition standards.”Cross-country skiing courses are professionally laid, and training on such courses not only builds endurance, but also aerobic capacity.”By the end of 2019, a training base with a 5-kilometer cross-country skiing course and a mass ski resort of more than 75,000 square meters was completed and put into operation. Now, it has become a large-scale and well-equipped snowsports training base in northwest China.Skiers in summer, skiers in winter, the base has done four seasons to welcome visitors.This is just one of the microcosm of the rapid development of ice and snow sports in northwest China.In Qinghai, Ningxia and Xinjiang provinces, ice hockey, skiing and other ice sports have become regular sports courses for young people.”With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, we can see the rapid development of snow and ice sports in western regions such as Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang, indicating that the fulcrum of the ‘westward expansion’ of snow and ice sports has been formed.”China Tourism Research Institute scientific research management department doctor Li Qiang said.Science and technology to help the industry “hot” ice and snow development, science and technology to help.In Lanzhou, Gansu province, researchers from the Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences participated in snow making, snow preservation and snow storage, which has been able to meet the needs of many events of the Beijing Winter Olympics.At present, the team’s snow storage scheme has been demonstrated in several ski resorts in China.Li Qiang believes that from the successful bid to the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the platform, channel, technology and other formats of ice and snow sports have effectively combined with the ice and snow resources in western China, which not only witnessed the comprehensive upgrading of China’s ice and snow tourism, but also showed the huge potential of China’s ice and snow tourism market.Statistics show that 346 million people have participated in snow sports in China.China’s snow and ice leisure tourism revenue is expected to reach 323.3 billion yuan in the 2021-2022 snow and ice season, according to the China Snow and Ice Tourism Development Report (2022) released by the China Tourism Academy last month.The ice and snow brought “gold and silver mountains” to the past, lu Wen, Wang Xinglong and other people were just ordinary farmers “facing the loess with their backs to the sky”.They found jobs at the Baiyin National Snow Sports Training Base in Gansu province after it was put into operation at the end of 2019.During the Spring Festival, athletes preparing for the Winter Paralympics trained as usual.Starting at midnight every day, Wang Xinglong, head of the base’s cross-country ski course, leads his team to “beauty-make and press snow” on the slopes.”After training during the day, the slopes get broken.After midnight, the temperature is low and the snow is fine and suitable for athletes to train, so everyone starts to work for about eight hours from midnight.”Wang Xinglong said.Over the years, this group of farmers, once ignorant of the sport of ice and snow, has become a professional team of snow making and pressing.”Ice sports have not only changed our lives, but also provided stable employment on our doorstep.Now the average monthly salary of team members is more than 4,000 yuan, “he said.Wang Xinglong said.According to Lu wen, ice and snow sports not only bring health and happiness to participants, but also promote employment and increase people’s income in the region.”It is expected that this snow and ice season, the total passenger flow of the ski resort will exceed 100,000 people.From ‘Maodong’ to ‘Le Xue’ in the past, I never thought my hometown was also ‘Gold and silver mountains’.”Some experts believe that the potential of China’s mass ice and snow tourism market is still being gradually released.”With the integrated development of ice and snow sports and regional tourism, residents in the areas rich in ice and snow resources are bound to share the benefits of ice and snow tourism.”Dr. Lee said.Source: Xinhua