Suzhou Taicang Science and Education New City carried out comprehensive territorial and spatial renovation

2022-05-03 0 By

On the afternoon of February 26, suzhou Taicang New City of Science and Education held a mobilization meeting for comprehensive territorial space renovation to optimize and expand urban development space.It is reported that taicang New City of Science and Education will establish a “1+1+2+N” work organization structure of “headquarters + special action class +2 agriculture-related communities + functional departments”, and enhance the strength of each renovation plot attacking group to achieve “one point, one team, one end”.In terms of the treatment of illegal construction, Taicang Science and Education New City sets the goal of taking the lead in realizing the “zero clearance” of all illegal construction stocks in the whole city, holds regular work promotion meetings, listens to the report of renovation progress, and includes this work into the assessment.In the aspect of demolition and reclamation, we will continue to do a good job of “returning two to one”, aiming at the west plot of Nanguang Temple and the former Plot of Xinfeng old village committee, through special rectification and other measures, to ensure that all tasks are completed in the first quarter of this year.Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Zhang Birong proofread Xu Heng