Super league meeting!Guo Tianyu will join the Portuguese super team, Oscar left the team harbour won’t win the championship again

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The Chinese Super League is over, but the story of the Chinese Super League is still going on!Guo Tianyu will join the Portuguese super team, Oscar left the harbour will not win the championship, Wang Dalei talks about unpaid wages in the Super League.Study + 1?Media: Guo Tianyu is going to Europe!Will join Portuguese super league team!After the Shandong Taishan football team won the FA Cup, the team was disbanded, the foreign players returned home, the domestic players returned home, and the Chinese players will go to Shanghai for training.Li Xiaopeng’s first national football team list, Shandong Taishan team also became the biggest winner, a total of 10 players selected, but after the start of the national football team training, Guo Tianyu did not go to report, the media explained that Guo Tianyu had something at home.Now the National football Team has already adjusted the final roster, and will soon play with the Japanese team, the news of Guo Tianyu has come, media person Zhao Zhen broke the news on Weibo, Shandong Taishan striker Guo Tianyu will go to Europe.’You all asked why Guo Tianyu didn’t go to Japan,’ Mr. Zhao wrote.Because he’s going to Europe!According to reporter Bai Guohua news, Shandong Taishan player Guo Tianyu will join Portugal super team.For guo tian abroad, everyone is looking forward to, guo tian, now 22, said by luneng academy, 23 appearances last season, scored 10 goals, 2 assists, and native yuning zhang tied for first place top scorer, with taishan have won the Chinese super league and fa cup double this season, at a young age to get such a high honor, can be said to be young.For Guo Tianyu to stay abroad news, fans also expressed their own views: as shandong fans, I hope he can go anywhere, serious training training, body stronger, faster pace, technology may not come out, amplify the advantage!Wang lei:In the national team except the harbour and our team, everyone is talking about wages, as is known to all, this year each team has encountered a lot of problems, the first is the dissolution of Jiangsu Suning, and then the resurrection of Tianjin Tianjin Tiger, and then Brazil foreign aid can not come back (but now it seems that Brazil foreign aid can not come back is also a good thing,After that, It was reported that Qingdao and Chongqing were in arrears, and then Hebei were out of business. Moreover, guangzhou’s foreign teachers and foreign players all left the league. It can be said that shandong Taishan and Shanghai Harbour are the only clubs in the Chinese Super League that are not in arrears.In order to solve the problem of unpaid wages, the clubs have to carry out a share reform.”We stayed with the national team for more than three months,” Wang said in an interview on CCTV’s “Football Night” program. “Then we found that everyone except Shanghai (Seaport) except our own team was talking about one problem: unpaid wages.In this regard, fans have said: In the future at least 5 years, luneng and SIPG will be the world, the reason is money, especially Luneng, the old strong team is still stable!Bubble, no strength of the club can only make ious!Shanghai media:Oscar once leave, harbor would like to take the Chinese super league champions is hard to say this season due to various reasons, big foreign aid left, now the Chinese super league only Oscar and lenny two big players, but Oscar will leave the message more and more recently, of course, as a player, Barcelona is too attractive, and Oscar also already to achieve financial freedom,It’s time to look for pure soccer, too.In response to the rumors that Oscar will join Barcelona, five Star Sports Radio has analyzed and commented, saying that once Oscar finally leaves the team, it is hard for Shanghai Port to win the Chinese Super League title again.Speaking to foreign media, Oscar confirmed barca had contacted his agent but had not yet spoken to the port.As long as Barca have salary space and are serious about Oscar, he will speak to seaport.For the analysis of the “five-star sports broadcasting”, personally think analysis quite right, the Oscar is the absolute core of Shanghai harbor, for the team’s role is self-evident, so the academy once leave, only to introduce China to the team’s role is very small, and the football association has already pay, want to introduce academy players need to hand over huge develop, Shanghai port will pay?