Shu Qi latest cover big car, cut short hair to change “man old woman”, bump unlined upper garment Li Yuchun wins figure

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In costume collocation, the charm of color is endless. Although it is difficult to control the color with high saturation, it will be easier and more attractive to truly master the secret of color collocation.In addition to the charm of color in daily life, many female stars always wear clothes with color when shooting covers, and their modeling will be more unique.Shu Qi broke out the latest cover, but it turned over, cut into a super short hair into a “man woman”, red fishtail skirt against the sweater Li Yuchun, fortunately on the body to win.There are other colors of dress matching, also very attractive.One: high-quality clothing fabric, luxury and noble in daily life, the version of this skirt design is exaggerated, large fishtail skirt to have a certain highlight, need to have high-quality fabrics.The high quality of the fabric is not only to ensure the comfortable effect, but also to make the modeling more grade, giving a delicate soft, luxurious visual effect of the modeling.More high-grade fabrics, silky and comfortable, wearing the process can show the luxury and noble temperament incisively and vividly, and the version of clothing with a better match.Highlight 2: apparent advantages, reasonable cutting red fishtail skirt, senior feeling not only from the fabrics, also comes from its tailoring senior feels dye-in-the-wood, highlighting the figure almost all the advantages, the process of tailoring and freely, the obscure figure faults, and its own advantage fully, outlined a beautiful waist line.At the same time to a large extent to weaken the problem of the figure curve, but also improve their own figure on the advantage.And Li Yuchun bump unlined upper garment, perfect curve steady win.1, short hair style is too sexy, pink hair color balance there are a lot of female stars when shooting magazine cover, in the style will be intentional and an exaggeration, and the daily style will be very different.Shu Qi this cover son shoots have a group of photos among, the hair is too short really, be male short hair completely, neuter style is a little too much, neuter color is too strong really, although say to have individual character more, but a lot of time won’t accord with the public aesthetic.But in this style, pink hair with pink clothing, in color to pay attention to, balance echo.2. Short hair is matched with scientific and technological clothing, and body characteristics are highlighted in the whole group of cover shooting. The style of short hair is not only matched with pink clothing, but also with smooth fabric items with strong scientific and technological sense.Women’s figures are generally well maintained and are more than enough to pull off a tight, sleek piece, but it’s too difficult to pull off in everyday life, and purple and pink are too loud.The version of dress highlighted the figure characteristic, have to praise, the figure of Shu Qi is really perfect.1, clothing color analysis: bright white and handsome yellow is a particularly popular color from the beginning of spring last year, but it is also a difficult color for Asian people to control.Because saturation is relatively high, at the same time belong to yellow series, so whether wear temperament and skin color has a great relationship.But in the process of collocation, also can compare outstanding, give a person a kind of sunny simple sense, but gentle and comfortable, also can be recreational and easy, elaborated completely gave the freedom that belongs to colorific and optional.Collocation suggestion: for bright yellow with high saturation, in the process of collocation, we should carefully consider whether our skin color matches, and cooperate with other colors.Analysis: 2, clothing collocation shirt design on black ribbon, handsome have a type of shu qi in the yellow shirt skirt very personal characteristics, in addition to color, in the clothing version of type chose based on design style, but with normal shirt skirt is very different, in the design of the skirt the split design, characteristics, combined with the current fashion sense,Show amorous feelings and lasting appeal.In elegant at the same time showed a neutral handsome sense, under the yellow atmosphere foil, build a romantic breath.Not only that, in the process of dress collocation, a black ribbon was added, with other colors into the black and yellow collocation is also very beautiful.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.