Rihanna chats with friends while wearing a sleek, retro tulle shirt and bump

2022-05-03 0 By

Photos of Rihanna’s bump surfaced over the New Year, confirming that she and boyfriend A$AP Rocky are having A baby.A$AP Rocky was spotted by rihanna’s side, holding hands as they strolled down the street while he kissed her on the forehead.We don’t know how many months pregnant Rihanna is, but she’s showing off a big bump.I have to say, the goddess is fighting very hard, although she is still open belly in the middle of winter, even if wearing fur, it is not to cover her belly.Wear high-heeled shoes!Net friend: the physical quality of crooked fruit kernel is really good!Just recently, Rihanna was out on the street laughing with friends.She wore a blue tulle shirt over a cotton jacket, retro chic.Tulle may have covered the bump this time, but tulle is drafty, isn’t it?Rihanna’s baby must be cold, right?Learn to ski and join the Winter Olympics!Article content such as copyright infringement and other problems please contact this number we will deal with in a timely manner