Most of the 20 stocks with the largest number of A-share shareholders are good companies with low prices

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The 20 stocks with the largest number of a-share shareholders are high-quality companies measured from the number of shareholders, company name, company size, company profile, financial statements, etc. Ordinary retail investors can only look for stocks for value investment according to these data. Therefore, these stocks are the gathering place for retail investors, and the main force will not be easily promoted, and retail investors will not give up easily.Boe A number of shareholders: 1,569,500.Number of Shareholders of Ping An China: 1,305,600.Number of shareholders of Sany: 1,150,300.Number of Shareholders of China Telecom: 1,096,300.Number of shareholders of Three Gorges Energy: 1.043 million.Number of shareholders of Lanzhou Bank: 985,900 Number of shareholders of Baotou Steel: 947,800.Gree Electric Appliances shareholders: 888,000.TCL Technology Number of shareholders: 820,900.Jinkosolar Shareholders: 780,100.Number of CRRC shareholders: 722,200.Hengrui Pharmaceutical shareholders: 719,200.Number of Shareholders: 657,800.Citic Securities shareholders: 656,900.Number of ICBC shareholders: 653,600.Number of longi Shareholders: 632,500.Number of petrochina shareholders: 597,900.Number of China Unicom shareholders: 594,400.Guodian Power shareholders: 588,200.Number of Greenmae shareholders: 571,400.None of the above stocks can be found to have a loss. China Heavy Industry has a small loss of 400 million yuan in 20 years, and a profit of 250 million yuan has been predicted in 21 years. At the same time, most of the above stocks have a large market value, and their prices are in the corresponding value range.But because there are too many shareholders, the rise is slow, and they can only wait for their respective cycles to come, then they can start the long way up.Good stock does not necessarily have good price, high quality stock is not high quality price, so should be rational investment.