Folktale: a young man saved a hedgehog with kindness, but his sister got a strange disease

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During the Jiading Period of the Song Dynasty, a 17-year-old boy named Chunsheng was killed by a hedgehog in the village of Guangyuan, about 30 li west of bianliang.Chunsheng is a poor child, he was born in the spring, his mother gave birth to him one day and one night did not give birth to him, finally the stable woman also did not recruit, anxious sweating.So he ran to the door and said to Chunsheng’s father, “The baby will not be born. Only one child can be saved, so make a decision immediately.The man outside hesitated for a moment and asked in turn, “Boy or girl?””Boy!”Then protect the baby!”The man finally made up his mind.The steady old woman got the instruction, also no longer take care of the adult’s life, a hand in, give the child a help, the child is born, but because of excessive blood loss, and lost vital signs.The man named the child Chunsheng, from then on the father and son on each other, because the village’s economic sources are limited, chunsheng father all day long face loess back to the sky, also can only solve the problem of food and clothing father and son.When he went to dozens of miles outside the village to help others dig mines, but his luck was really bad, a few days later the mine was flooded, the mine owner also ran away.At the age of seven, Chunsheng became an orphan and grew up eating rice in the village. After the age of ten, he learned to work in the field by himself. He went to his uncle and uncle in the village to help him.After two years, Chunsheng just learned how to plant crops and barely feed himself.Early in the morning he went out to work in the fields. As soon as he reached the crossroads, he found a baby wrapped in cloth, crying.Chunsheng looked left and right, but there was no adult. He picked up the baby from the ground. The baby stopped crying and grinned at him.Chunsheng looked at the poor child and thought of his own background. He made a bold decision in his heart. He wanted to adopt the child and make a family for two lonely people.When the villagers learned that Chunsheng had picked up a child, they all came to persuade him to give it away, but Chunsheng firmly said, “I can support her. I want to support her.”Aunts and aunts love the two no parents of the children, they agreed to the requirements of chunsheng, we work out of the effort, out of things out of things, the club together, soon chunsheng home had small clothes, small quilts, and some white rice flour.Next door just gave birth to the child’s aunt Road also bear to feed the child, everything is ready, spring gave birth to the child named spring flowers, every day before the ground spring flowers to road aunt home, go back at night.And chunhua is especially good, never give road aunt and brother trouble, don’t cry and don’t make, someone tickled her also giggled, everyone especially like her.Imperceptibly chunhua five years old, the little girl sensible let a person love dearly, know her brother to keep her is not easy, at a young age to know for brother to share some things.Brother came back, she gave his brother a cup of water, brother cooking, she went to put chopsticks, brother tired, she went to give him back, usually will help feed chickens, sweep the floor, clean up the house.However, this peaceful life did not last long, but a strange thing to break.This morning, Chunsheng found her sister’s face long a big bag, red and swollen, Chunsheng looked very distressed, took the spring flower to find the village doctor, the doctor looked at it, said he had a fever, gave him some heat detoxification medicine.Chunsheng to his sister after feeding medicine, it seems that there is no effect, the next morning up on the other side of the face chunhua also long a package, originally powdery powdery small face, long two big package, pain chunhua what can not eat.Chunsheng worried and distressed, led chunhua asked people everywhere, hoping to know people to help him, but we have no better way.A few days later, Chunhua’s body also began to grow this kind of bag, red, swollen and painful.This day road great aunt see children uncomfortable, give spring flower boiled a little millet porridge, put a little sugar, want to let the children eat more.Spring flower hurt really uncomfortable, but she did not want to let road aunt and brother worry, he finished the porridge.Road aunt looked at the child to endure tears, secretly asked: “Chunhua, very painful?”Chunhua’s tears all of a sudden down, hard nod.Lu aunt in addition to love more want to find out the child’s condition, patiently asked: “you tell aunt, these days where you have been or what happened abnormal place.”Chunhua thought seriously and said: “I have not been where, is that every night after falling asleep, someone took a needle to stab me, where the second will be red, swollen and painful, but I dare not tell my brother, afraid he worried.”Lu great aunt a listen to, feel this thing is not normal, with other aunts aunt said this matter in the village, we all think this is spring flower hit evil things, please demigotry to exorcise.Chun Sheng listened to the words of great aunt Road, go to the next village invited demigods, spring flowers to see a doctor.The half fairy saw the injury of Chunhua, then walked around the room and turned to Chunsheng and said, “Have you ever met a hedgehog?”Chunsheng thought for a long time and said, “Some time ago, when I came back from work, I met some children smashing a hedgehog on the road. I sent the children away and set the hedgehog free.What does this have to do with Chunhua’s injury?”The half fairy said, “That’s the problem. This hedgehog is not an ordinary hedgehog, but a hedgehog that will soon become fine. He followed you home and pricked spring flowers with his thorns at night.Puzzled, Chunsheng said, “I saved him. Why would he bite the hand that feeds him and hurt my sister?The demi glanced at him and said, “Your kindness is misplaced. It seems that you have saved him, but in fact you are destroying his cultivation.They are in the process of becoming immortal experience, have to encounter some fate, beaten is his robbery, but you destroyed.”Chunsheng heard here are dumbfounded, did not think of their good do bad, but he still angry, rang said: “I hurt him, why not seek me revenge, seek my sister why?”Half fairy looked at him, shook his head and said: “Your life is too hard, the general spirit can not move you, can only hurt the people around you.”After hearing this, Chunsheng hurt his sister more than hurt himself. He fell to his knees with a flop and said in tears: “God, please save my sister. She is still so small that she should not suffer from this sin!Let me take it for her!”Chunhua looked at his brother for her sake, but also knelt down with his brother crying, crying and saying: “Brother, my life is not good, these do not blame you, you do not feel sad.”The people present are very sad, together to ask the eyes of the half fairy, fairy very embarrassed to say: “the hedgehog essence has been practicing for many years, to break him very difficult, unless…””Unless what?”Chunsheng looked at him with wide eyes.”Nothing can kill a man unless he is killed on his back, and nothing can kill a man before he becomes a fairy. Otherwise he has violated the law of Heaven, and heaven will punish him.No matter how many years he practices, god will destroy him.”Half fairy said these in one breath, quietly looking at everyone.The people present all sucked a cool breath, only chunsheng eyes in some firmness, he was thinking: this kind of monster into a fairy will also harm others, it is better for my life for a life, let god put him.Chun Sheng while we do not pay attention to, a head into the yard of the big pagoda tree, head of a stream of blood outflow, Lu Aunt quickly ran over, quickly with hand pressure Chun sheng wound said: “silly child, how do you so impulsive?”Chunhua a look at his brother so, rushed to hold him crying.Chunsheng wiped the tears on the face of chunhua, pulled her hand to the hands of lu Aunt said: “Lu aunt, after the trouble you take care of chunhua, with my life for the life of hedgehog essence, value!”Lu Aunt tightly holding the spring flower said: “you can rest assured, I have a bite to eat, absolutely not hungry your sister!”Chunsheng heard this, relieved to close his eyes, the scene of the people have left tears of regret, what a good child ah, kindly saved a hedgehog, but lost his life.Chun sheng died, his sister instantly recovered, the swelling on the body all disappeared.And then the sky began to rain, dark clouds, rolling thunder, we hurriedly carried Chunsheng into the inner room, the doors and Windows closed, ready to bury Chunsheng when the rain stopped.Then everyone saw a flash of lightning and a loud thunding split the old locust tree in two in the courtyard. It was uprooted and burned to black.The rain stopped instantly, we went out to see, among the roots of the tree there was a very big hedgehog was killed by lightning, half fairy dead hedgehog away, buried on the hillside.While burying and chanting: “No matter people or essence, you should know good thoughts, your years of practice destroyed by your evil thoughts, will naturally be punished!”Villagers buried spring and cleaned out old locust trees.Aunt Lu received the spring flowers in the home, as a pro daughter.When Chunhua was 14 years old, she moved back to Chunsheng’s house. She kept Chunsheng’s house all her life. She never got married and missed her brother all her life.Write at the end: whether man or spirit, to have a good ending, must be good.Chunsheng watched the child hurt the hedgehog, he stood in the human point of view, feel that it is a right behavior to drive away the child, release the hedgehog.And hedgehog cheng jing revenge chunsheng, is certainly evil, whether it is humane, or heaven, are not allowed.Its heart is not good, become immortal again how?So Chunsheng chooses to use his life for hedgehog’s life, so that hedgehog all bad behavior is terminated before he becomes a fairy.Before he gets so vindictive that he hurts innocent people!More Wonderful Stories Folk Tale: A Widow gets pregnant, her mother-in-law thinks something is wrong, and the White Rabbit Tells the Truth from a Dream Folk Tale: An evil merchant Competition Makes a poisonous plan, a cunning woman avenges A Righteous man, And Finally he retires Folk Tale: A young man sets free a turtle at sea, Offers sacrifices to his father on New Year’s Eve, and An old man Cures his dumb Disease folk Tale:Folk Tale: A man comes back from business and finds his wife gives birth to a white cat. 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